Saturday, June 25, 2005

We're hitched!

So, we did it...we're married...

I am now Mrs Farr :)

We had the greatest day, so much fun and laughter, I couldnt have wished for a better time!

Our ceremony was in the Japanese Gardens in the grounds of the local Art Gallery and they were stunning. It started raining just as I was leaving home for the ceremony, and when I got to the Gardens there was a big beautiful rainbow - must have been an omen!

As i walked to the garden aisle with my best friend Bonnie, we were approached by our celebrants assistant who introduced himself then said, "there's a slight hitch!" Ian had forgotten my ring and his brother had driven off to find it and still wasn't back. I had to laugh, because as it turned out, I forgot Ian's ring too!!

Our celebrant Wendy, was so wonderful, and the ceremony itself was short and sweet, just how we had planned...and once all the paperwork was signed the rain started again...

Then we were off to the reception, wonderful food, good music (daggy 80's!) and great company...

All in all a wonderful day!

Here are our vows, I just love them. So simple, very us!

"You are all I could ever need in my life,
My friend, my soul-mate and my favourite pest.
I promise to enter into this marriage
With respect for your identity and freedom
And I promise to stand by you
Through all we may face together"

And just because I can, a pic of 4 generations...My Nana, my sister, me, Isla and My Mum :)