Saturday, October 22, 2011

Almost a year...

I have neglected Isla's blog for so long.

My sweet little princess is almost 7. She's now lost 5 teeth, and looks completely grown up. This photo was taken yesterday afternoon.

Isla's been doing so well at school. At the end of last term, she won the PBIS Award for her class, which she is super proud of. Last week she had to give a 2 minute speech on kangaroos and their environment and received another award for her public speaking. She was picked to give her speech in front of the school at assembly, and she could barely contain her excitement.

Isla's had 2 lots of Botox since I last updated, and will be having another round in December. Her left leg has responded brilliantly to the botox and casting regiment that her physio has her doing, but her right leg has really tightened up, to the point that we're now worrying about contractures, as she can't seem to get her foot to 0 degrees.

We have a review with the Botox Doctor on the 4th to see what's going on with it all. At the moment, Isla is wearing AFO's all day every day and padded AFO's during the night. She still has canvas wrap-arounds that she is also meant to wear of a night time, but I'm finding this really tough to enforce, given she needs to have some comfort when she's sleeping (already being in AFO's and all) but we're getting to the stage of needing to straighten her legs out to prevent hip injuries.

Isla's right leg is turning in at such an angle that her foot is almost completely sideways when she walks, hence the worry about hip injuries, but surprisingly, her 6 monthly hip xrays show amazingly good range considering her CP. So that's good news.

Tuesday will be a very exciting day in this house, because Isla will finally get her wheelchair! She is beyond excited about it. I've promised her a trip to the zoo asap because it's always been too far for her to walk in the past, so she's really looking forward to it, as we all are, it'll be great to be able to get out and do different things now that distance wont be an issue.

My sweet girl is obsessed with reading, singing and all things Littlest Pet Shop. It feels like only a few months ago she was sitting in her bumbo bouncing to the sounds of Hi 5, now she's a school girl with grown up teeth, reading books and using the computer properly. In fact, she now asks me questions, and if I don't know the answer she says, "don't worry Mum, I'll google it". Far out.