Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday

Dear Isla,

Happy 4th Birthday my gorgeous little duck.

In the past year you've grown into the most beautiful child, inside and out. You make me laugh every single day with the things you say and do. At the moment you like to talk with your hands on your hips and you're quite defiant - but adorable nonetheless. You are about to start Kindy two days a week to get you ready for Big School next year.

You love to sing and dance, right now, your favourite song is "Poker Face" by Lady Gaga much to our dismay, although you are also quite partial to Rihanna and Katie Perry too. You absolutely love doing puzzles and using the computer. You can spell "Isla", "Nana", "Pop", "Troy", "Mum", "Dad" and "Emu".

In the past year you:
* Have learnt how to ride a bike
* Moved house twice
* Learnt to write your name and draw people
* Given up your binkies
* Have taught yourself how to do starjumps
* Became a big sister

Every single day you amaze me with how far you've come, you are such an inspiration. I love you so much my most beautiful little friend.