Saturday, December 6, 2008

Big Sister

It's been TOO long since I've updated Isla's blog. I have been incredibly slack (and pre-occupied) so while she's at Nanny & Poppy's place with Ian, I'll use the peace and quiet to update on my big princess.

Isla is doing very well. She's adjusted so well to all the goings-on around here lately, I am so proud of her. The biggest change for her to get used to has been the arrival of her little sister, Harper. Initially I was worried that Isla wouldn't respond very well to Harper coming home with us, but she's been such a treasure.

The first night that Harper was home with us, Isla went to bed as usual, but when Harper started crying at 1am, Isla woke up screaming, she hadn't heard H cry before and was scared LOL. Now, whenever H cries, Isla either puts her hands over her ears and waits for it to stop, or comes in to me saying, "I think we have a problem here" haha. She's too funny.

We haven't had physio since I last updated, it's been so hard to organise while I was pregnant (especially when her physio only works 2 days a week, and one of those days Isla is at kindy). Will try to get her in either this week or next, but it's difficult as I still can't drive after the c-section.

We've had a few lapses with the toilet this past week, I'm not sure if it's in response to Harper, or if she's just forgetting to tell us that she needs to go to the toilet. Hopefully it's just forgetfulness (is that even a word?) and things will work themselves out.

She's doing really well at Kindy, nothing but positive reports coming from there, although she has developed a bit of an attitude lately that seems a lot like her friend at Kindy, but then it could just be a phase as well.

Looking forward to Xmas this year, Isla is so excited. She's asking for a "Barbie Piano" - which is an electronic keyboard covered in Barbie - who I hate, but she's been asking for it for MONTHS now, so hopefully I can find one in the next 3 weeks! She's getting a dance cam thing which she'll be SO excited about, I can't wait to give it to her!

Not many new pics, I haven't had the time (lately!!) or the energy to take any, but will endeavour to take some tomorrow... famous last words...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Poor little Troy

Being cuddled within an inch of his life...

Friday, October 31, 2008

Botox Clinic

Didn't go exactly to plan.

Our appointment was to be the first after lunch, 1pm. We had to organise a hip X-Ray beforehand to have ready for the clinic and then two days before, Tracey from the hospital called to say we needed a new referral letter too.

So, I spent Wednesday morning racing around like a mad-woman going to the GP (and waiting for an hour to be seen) to get the referral letter, then off to Campbelltown to pick up the X-Rays from Saturday, then off to the Hospital. We got there just before 1pm to find out the clinic was running 2 hours late.

Initially I was a bit annoyed, but I guess you need to take into account that we see the Dr for nothing, and he is the leading specialist in Botox in Australia, the fact that we were scheduled to see him is quite a privilege indeed.

I ended up canceling the appointment, I was so tired and really couldn't even contemplate the idea of entertaining Isla in the hospital waiting room for a minimum of 2 hours, so when Michael came out, I canceled. I'm so glad that Michael was understanding, and he said to one of the other parents that, when a certain time came around, the Dr would have to leave regardless of who was waiting still.

I have to make an appointment to see him privately in his rooms, and I'm pretty certain that we wont get in to see him until late January at this stage, but we'll continue to see Michael in the meantime and will book in to the next clinic too.

What else has been happening? Isla has been sleeping in her bed ALL night for a week and a bit now. Ian and I are still alternating with putting her to bed, and she does sleep better on the nights that Ian puts her in, but she is improving for me which is great. We're trying to get her off her binkies too, we managed to cut her down to one on Wednesday night, but no such luck last night. We'll keep trying though.

It's meant to be 36 degrees here today, so far it's not so bad, although I haven't ventured out the door yet, I have a mountain of washing to do and I just cannot be bothered. Such is life!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Old Photo's...

I went through a disc of old photo's today, I can't believe how much she's changed from when she was little (and orange!) *sigh* Here's a random selection - mainly from her first year - I think I've posted a lot of photo's from later in her life anyway.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Little Miss Isla has been slipping in to bed with us for God knows how long now, and with my belly getting more cumbersome with every second that passes and summer coming, we decided that it has to come to an end - although I secretly love snuggling up to her and knowing she's right there with me all the time.

She hasn't had any problems in actually going to bed and going to sleep, it's just staying in the bed once she wakes up, that's been the problem - and we want to have it sorted by the time her baby sister comes, we don't want any major changes when she's finally here!

2 nights ago, my Mum promised to buy Isla a bell for her bike if she stayed in her own bed all night for 5 nights. The first night, Isla woke up around midnight and said that she didn't want a bell for the bike anymore, she just wanted to sleep in with us LOL. She went to the toilet then back to bed, another half an hour later she was screaming because there was a monster in her room. Apparently, it flew from the top of her bookcase and out the window, it was white with zig zags and flappy wings. She lasted until 4.30am before coming in with us, then slept until 10.30am.

Last night I put her to bed (Ian and I alternate each night) and she fell asleep quite quickly. She stirred around midnight because the dog went into her room and cried next to her bed because he wanted to sleep with her. I woke up a few times through the night to check on her, and she was sound asleep each time. I was certain that Ian's alarm would have woken her up at 4.45am, but she didn't stir at all. Dad left for work around 6 and again, nothing. She woke up at 6.45 because she was tangled in her sheets.

So excited! It's been the longest time since she's had a loooooong sleep on her own, in her own bed. She was pretty pleased with herself too. Fingers crossed it's a constant from now on!

Friday, October 10, 2008

It's been such a long time since I've taken proper photo's of Isla, so here are a few from today. Hoping to take a few more over the weekend (and convince Hubby I need a new lens!)

Plasters and more

I've been slack with blogging this week, I forgot to update on Isla's last round of plasters. The last lot were not so successful, they only lasted 2 days before we had to take them off.

It was quite hot last Thursday and Isla had been running around like a headless chicken at pre-school all day. When she came home she said her foot was sore but still went to bed for a few hours before waking up, hysterical from the pain.

The poor little thing, she kept shaking her leg and couldn't talk properly because she was so sore. I filled up the laundry tub and ripped the plaster off as fast as I could, as soon as the right one was off she calmed down and almost fell asleep sitting up while I took the left one off.

There was a massive red welt on the join of the foot and even today, more than a week after taking it off, the marks are still there (although starting to fade).

Botox Clinic is at the end of the month so we'll know what's going to happen from there. Michael still thinks she'll be a good candidate for Botox, probably not until next year. She's off for an Xray tomorrow on her hips, this past week she's started to swing her right hip more and is turning her right foot in, so we want to get that sorted asap.

She's been so funny lately, and loves "role playing". Yesterday she insisted she was Belle from Disney's "Beauty and The Beast" (to the point where she had to wear yellow to Kindy for photo's because Belle's dress is yellow). Today she's been Harmony from The Fairies, although she's alternated it with another Fairy from the same show, Rhapsody. All good and well, I'm happy for her to pretend to be a fairy or a princess, but it's a bit hard when she'll only respond to the character's name. She made her teachers at Kindy call her Belle yesterday. I hope it's a fad...although I must admit, I'd rather call her Belle than Barbie, which was what she was hooked on last week.

Monday, September 29, 2008

More plasters

I missed going with Isla for her 2nd round of plastering because I was sick with gastro - Mum and Ian went instead. All reports came back that Michael is extremely pleased with the progress Isla made after one week of casting, and he casted her again.

We took them off yesterday, it was particularly hot and we went to Ian's parents place for a bbq and we thought Isla would like to go for a swim in the paddling pool with her cousins, so we took them off a day earlier than we originally planned.

I only heard one little whimper from Isla this time in regards to her plasters - she was sleeping in our bed (she's getting tangled in her sheets with the plasters and can't move about without getting stuck) and I was asleep on the lounge - anyway, she woke up and said "Oh Daddy, my legs are hurting really badly" then rolled over and went back to sleep.

The best part of the latest round of plasters is that Isla is getting heel strikes! She actually wore away a patch of plaster on the heels of both plasters - which is brilliant news - means the plasters are doing exactly what they're meant to!

I have a photo of the heel strike marks, will upload them shortly.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

We have plasters

...and they're trashed already!

Isla was fitted with her plasters yesterday, she was so very brave. She only cried at the end once they were finished because she thought she wouldn't be able to walk in them, but Michael the physio told her she'd be able to run in them, and she was happy after that.

They haven't held her back in anything so far. She hasn't complained of any pain or discomfort yet either *touch wood*. She goes to pre-school tomorrow which will be interesting, I hope that they really keep an eye on her and make sure that she stays well away from the sand pit, I couldn't imagine anything worse than having plasters full of sand :S

Very proud of her, she takes it all in her stride, such a little trooper. We came home and decorated them with texta love hearts, that have all smooshed and now look like purple splodges, but she's happy with them! Michael put a non-slip piece on the bottom, which is hanging on by a thread and the part around the toes is starting to wear away too, mainly because she's so tight in her legs she just can't get her heels down :(

In other news, our little Chihuahua ran away - again - courtesy of Ian leaving our side gate open. Anyway, he was handed in to the local vets today, same story as last time, he'd been staying with a family who wanted to keep him and decided to take him to the vets to have his back leg checked. He's home now, safe and sound, snuggled up with Ian.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day!

Here are some pictures from the park and the obligatory Father's Day photo, in which Isla looks decidedly albino :S

Thursday, September 4, 2008


We saw the physio again on Tuesday, and the tone in Isla's legs hasn't improved, so it's back into plasters for the little princess :(

Hopefully we'll get away with 2 weeks worth but we've booked in for 3. We discussed what sort to put on, and we decided to go with the ones to be cut off with the plaster saw, but now I'm not too sure - Isla is terrified of those automatic hand driers in public toilets, so a plaster saw will scare the living crap out of her. I think it's best we go for the ones that can be soaked off. And she can pick the colour!

She doesn't seem concerned about it thus far, I've tried explaining it to her, but I guess she's still too little to comprehend it all, and she was 1.5 when she had the last lot of casting done. I explained that it's just like when we had her helpers made, they put plaster on her legs then cut it off. We'll see how we go. First round is on the 16th of September.

I spoke to pre-school today about how she'll go there with the plasters on, they don't think she'll have a problem. I was contemplating letting her stay home for the time that she's wearing them, but I suppose as long as they keep her out of the sandpit she'll be fine!

We've had no more accidents with the toilet training either! Very proud of her! We're even in undies at night time, again, with no accidents. She's no longer scared of poo's on the toilet (or anywhere for that matter, she has always struggled with them) and now she heads off to the toilet when she can feel them! It's so wonderful!!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

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Love Isla - who was practicing her "lettering" LOL

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

On the toilet...

Isla was toilet trained earlier in the year but somehow winded back up in nappies, I say somehow, I know exactly why but not the place to go into it...I digress...The other week I asked her to get a new nappy for me and she looked in the packet and said "there won't be enough for baby sister" and decided she would wear undies!

She was doing so well last week, and I promised her a much longed after ironing board and toy iron (she'd been asking for this for a while). I gave them to her on Thursday night after pre-school and Friday she was having accidents left, right and centre. Turns out she thought that she only had to do wee's in the toilet to get the toy, and now that she had it, she didn't need to anymore!

So, we battled through the weekend, without much success, and Monday we had BIG accidents :( It was so sad to see her go backwards after doing so well with it. So Tuesday we went to visit my Mum who'd been away for a week or two. We went to the local shopping centre and Isla decieded she wanted to go to the toilet, but couldn't once we got to the loo's. Once we'd walked back to the food court she had to go again, so this time I took her to the parents room with the little toilets. She tried again but couldn't go. Then once we walked out of the toilets she said she needed to go again and this time we had success! She managed to do another 5 on the toilet that day and we've had no accidents today *touch wood*.

Very proud of her, and she's very proud of herself :)

Her strong independant streak is coming through with the toileting too, today we were only allowed to help her get up onto her toilet ladder, then I had to wait in the kitchen and she'd go to the toilet, get off the ladder and wipe herself before calling me in to see the "yellow water". She's too grown up sometimes!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Waaaah! It's blown :( But she's still beautiful :)

Friday, August 8, 2008

New Helpers

I picked these up yesterday while Isla was at Kindy. I can't believe how big they are, my little girl isn't so little anymore!

We have a physio appointment on Wednesday to see how Isla is settling in with the new orthotics. She chose a big pair of skater shoes to wear with them last night, complete with skull and crossbones!

Her stuttering seems to be easing off a little (thankfully) but occasionally she gets a bit caught up. Still need to speak to Speechie about it.

Little Miss is still very excited about her "baby sister", and is insisting she's going to be called "Arina" as in ballerina! We picked up the new baby carseat this week, and I put some gorgeous peacock themed linen on layby for her too. Now all we need is to wait 16 weeks, and to put the cot together and we're set! How exciting!

Monday, August 4, 2008

It's been a while!

It's been so long since I've updated Isla's blog - I've been busy posting weekly pregnancy updates on A Baby Story - my pregnancy blog, and sadly, this one has been rather neglected.

A lot has happened since I last updated here. Isla is doing very well, we pick up new helpers this week, very exciting. When I spoke to the lady at the Orthotists office, she asked if we wanted the butterfly stickers still, and I said yes, but I'm not too sure whether they're just stickers or they'll be melted into the thermo-plastic.

We went away for Chrismas in July last weekend to Sussex Inlet which was lovely. Quite cold, but we had a nice log fire to keep us cosy and warm. Isla insisted on going for a swim at the beach on the Saturday, despite the freezing temperatures! See pics of my little beach bunny!

One thing that is causing us a bit of concern with little Isla is that she's developed a stutter :( It came on suddenly, she's always been able to speak very, vwey well, and now somedays, has real trouble in saying simple words. It's worse when she's tired or over-excited, but her OT picked up on it the other week while we were visiting her briefly (and she wasn't even doing it to the extent that she normally does). OT is going to speak to Isla's speechie and see if we can get a referal to the Stuttering Clinic at our local hospital.

Isla is obsessed with drawing at the moment, she always has a pen, pencil or crayon in her hand. She can draw really good faces now, and is learning to colour within the lines of pictures. She's also started painting a lot too - and no longer with just red paint! When she was at FDC she would only ever paint/colour with red :S

Isla is very excited about getting a baby sister, we found out in June that we're having another girl, and Isla is already making lots of plans! "My baby sister can sleep in my room with me" she said the other day, I explained to her that little babies cry a lot when they're new and don't sleep very much, so she said, "Okay Mummy, my baby sister can sleep with you then". Hahaha!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

So, we've moved again. The 5th time in 3 years. We must look like fugitives.

Things are so much more relaxed here, our own space, no uncomfortable circumstances - just peace and quiet. Ahhhh!

Isla was casted at the hospital yesterday for her new "helpers". She was so brave, only cried a little at the beginning because she didn't know what was going on, but as soon as they got the plasters out of the water and started rolling them around her legs she watched on, very intrigued by it all. The helpers should arrive in 2 weeks at Michael's rooms. Can't wait! It means all new shoes and socks too!

14 weeks pregnant now, and I've scheduled my first appointment at the 'new' hospital, which was where I was meant to have Isla, but couldn't because I was too high risk. I am glad to be going back there, I'm familiar with the Birthing Unit & maternity ward, and hopefully my favourite midwife Renae still works there - I have my fingers crossed for this to be the case, she made such a huge impact on my pregnancy with Isla, I'd love for her to be involved in my care with this one. Failing that, a lady I work with, Lauren, is best friends with the head midwife at the hosptial, so that's good to know!

Feeling little bubble/popping sensations now, which I'm convinced is the baby. I felt movement with Isla at 15 weeks, so it's entirely possible - and very exciting.

The plan for work is to stay until around the end of September, so around 7 months, of course that all depends on whether or not I am actually allowed to or stuck on bloody bedrest like I was with Isla. At this early stage, I plan to be off until the littlest member of our family is 6 months old (if finances permit) but we'll take it however it comes.

It's difficult talking about this pregnancy with Ian, because he just can't get interested (for lack of a better word) until the baby is really here, which is so frustrating, but I understand what he's saying. So, he's decided that he now doesn't want to know the sex of the baby and I'm thinking I'd like to know - with Isla we were the complete oppoiste! My only reason for wanting to know is in case I have another GA, I don't want everyone knowing the sex of my baby before me.

It's stirred a lot of raw emotions that I still have following Isla's birth. I opted for a GA because everything felt completely out of control and I was scared. I wasn't in a position to completely comprehend her early arrival under such stressed conditions. Of course, I regret it now, completely and utterly. My main issues still surround what happened after her birth, that will no doubt haunt me for the rest of my days.

We requested no visitors when Isla was born, so that we'd have time to bond and adjust to having our new little person. Following the C-Section, I wasn't well at all. The after-birth contractions were hideous, and I was so groggy and unwell I had double vision and was on oxygen for the next 16 hours after her birth. Not the type of conditions I wanted to be seen in by anyone (another reason we requested no visitors). When I wasn't well, Ian's phone was ringing pretty much constantly, and he kept asking me whether his parents could come and see Isla. I can't even remember if I answered him, given he knew what my wishes were. Next thing I remember, my SIL is giving my daughter a cuddle and a bottle, my MIL had unwrapped her and looked her over and even questioned her leg to the nurses - and I hadn't even held her yet. It breaks my heart to think about, even now, 3.5yrs on.

So, this time, no one is knowing the date of our c-section, other than my Mum, who will be minding Isla at the time. I'm going to draw up a birth plan and it will be adhered to - to the letter. I've discussed all of this with Ian, and he didn't realise exactly how much it meant to me when Isla was born, which still shits me up the wall, but, unfortunately, I can't turn back the clock. He knows exactly what I want this time, without a shadow of a doubt.

Perhaps I should start that now?

Still no new pics to upload, waiting on our internet to be installed and Dad's computer is just way too slow for me to even bother uploading pics onto.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

An update

It's been weeks and weeks since I've updated here, so I'm not quite sure where to start...

12 weeks pregnant now, baby due on the 25th of November. Had my first appointment at the hospital this morning and it all went well. I meant to ask them if I could listen to the heartbeat but I completely forgot.

At this stage, I don't have to go back until the 1st of July after I have my 18wk ultrasound around the 23rd of June, once that is done, they'll know where the placenta is and that will determine whether I see the midwives at the clinic or the doctors. We'll wait and see.

Still feeling pretty ordinary most days, nothing much I feel like eating or drinking for that matter. I was weighed in at the hospital this morning and I'm 5kgs less than I was about 3 weeks ago when I got up the nerve to stand on the scales! I guess that's one good thing about the fairly constant nausea!

Poor Ian has been off work for a few weeks now with an ankle problem, he fell down a gutter while doing a delivery at work, and has just informed me that he has to have a CT scan to look for a fracture because the swelling hasn't gone down since it happened. Fingers crossed he's okay!

Isla is doing really well, she has just worked out how to ride her bicycle, with thanks to her Poppy, who's made stirrups for the pedals so her feet don't slip off. She will ride for the longest time, only getting off because her fingers are sore from holding the handle bars so long!

Still not having much luck with getting her to sleep all night in her own bed. We've had 2 nights in the last 4 weeks that she's managed to last all night. She's normally waking around 2am and won't go back to sleep on her own. *sigh*

I haven't taken many photo's of her at all lately, I've been pretty slack, I'll have to take her out tomorrow and snap away! Here are some pics of our trip to Forster :)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

With child.

Due sometime in November - another Summer baby :)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What to do....???

We saw the Rehab specialist/Botox Dr on Wednesday, although he never calls it botox, always uses it's proper name, "Botulinum Toxin".

Isla isn't improving, and he's suggested we go ahead with the Botulinum Toxin injections in May. He's held a spot for her since last year in the event that she would in fact, require the injections. They've made the decision to do them under sedation, not GA or Nitrous Oxide as they first planned (laughing gas) because it would make the whole event even more traumatic for little Isla.

So, after hearing for at least 12 months, possibly 18 months that the Botox will be so beneficial for Isla etc, the Dr informs me that in America, the FDA is holding an inquest into the use of Botulinum Toxin after several children died after being injected with it, to treat lowe limb spasticity (which is what Isla has). He also said that it was highly likely that Isla will have to go back into plaster, which would absolutely break my heart, and hers too. Another draw back is that it may cause bowel incontinence, which would set her back in her toileting.

I was given the admisssion forms to fill out, which I've done, but I haven't been able to send them in. The Dr mentioned that as far as he's aware, the children who died in the US were given the botulinum toxin via IV and in much larger doses than what he uses here in Australia, which may be the reason for the fatalities, although he admitted to not knowing all the facts surrounding the case.

From what research I've been able to do so far, it seems that the Children's Hospital's in QLD have stopped all Botox treatments until the FDA release their findings. Isla's Dr has also said that he's happy to postpone the treatment until that same time so we can make a more informed decision on whether to proceed with the injections or not. To date, no deaths have been reported in Australia from the use of Botox for lower limb spasticity.

The deaths were caused by botulism, whereby the botulinum toxin had spread beyond the injection site and caused paralysis of the mouth, tongue and respiratory system. Very, very scary to think about this posibility.

So, I'm thinking the best option for now at least is to say no to the injections, I am going to have to discuss things with Michael and Dr L, and see what other suggestions they can give me to help Isla. She's having problems with her knees now too, they're starting to turn inwards, which is a worry, and Dr L says that her feet are still very bad and that she'll be complaining of bad foot pain when she's older, my poor little girl. She's already complaining of sore toes all the time.

I have to book her in to see the Orthotist again, she's outgrown another pair of orthotics. So much for them lasting 12-18 months each. This lot have only lasted about 8 months (although truth be told, she has been unable to fit in them properly since just before Christmas.

Good news on the OT front though, Mel is stoked at how well Isla is doing.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Boys will be boys...

This photo was from Isla's birthday in January, but it's a great shot of Ian in full flight, about to do a massive belly-whack from the looks of things.

Monday, March 10, 2008

This was the message Isla had for the family this morning, after her first successful wee in the toilet :D

I know she's 3 and it's late to be toilet training, but Isla's issues with balance have really hindered us in the past, plus the incident with FDC had scared her off the poor little lady.

So, we're in undies, not knickers Mummy, thank-you very much. And Dora ones at that. I always swore that I'd never dress my child in licensed clothing, and now she's sporting not only Dora undies, but shoes too. How shameful.

Botox Clinic on Wednesday (if they managed to find the numbers to fill the day) then Mel's coming over to have a look and see whether we need any equipment in the bathroom for Isla...

Isla's booked in for the 1st of May for Botox, and I'm in two minds about it all. On one hand, it could release the spastic muscles and only help her gait improve more. On the other hand, it may not work at all, and I really struggle with the idea of putting her into hospital and injecting her, the possibility of her needing to go back into plasters, and lose the strength in her legs. It's all too much. I know Michael, Dr L & Dr F wouldn't suggest it to us if they didn't think it was going to be beneficial, and I know that they have great expertise in this area, but at the moment, my heart is in charge and I feel like just bundling her up in my arms and running far, far away from everything medical.

The Spastic Centre have been calling, they want to have Isla back in the older group this year, and I have no idea what to do. In the group she used to be in, she was the most advanced (I can't remember if she was actually walking at the stage) so we received the least amount of "attention" from the therapists, and Isla doesn't particularly like the group sessions either...Decisions, decisions.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

These past few weeks I haven't stopped, it's been go go go around here!

We had Ian's cousin's wedding 2 weekends ago, Allison's 30th last weekend, a 40th this weekend, plans with friends the following weekend, then Easter and Ian's Mum's bday the weekend after that, then we move house the weekend after that. Add in the physio, OT and Botox Clinics, the extra shifts at work, a quick trip to Terrigal, Isla starting a new Kindy - argh! We should manage some time to ourselves somewhere around April!

Isla has been wonderful with all the goings-on, even had her first sleep over ever at Nana's place (my Mum's) the night we went to the wedding. Much harder for me than it was for her, even though I've spent nights away from her she's always been with Ian, so it was a big step for us to have her sleeping away from the two of us. From all reports the two had a great time, and Mum is still exhausted!

We spoke to Isla's OT, Mel, last week who said that she expected Isla to come out of the assessment a few months behind, but, amazingly, is in the normal range. I am so excited, it's probably the first time Isla's had an assessment and the word "normal" has been used!

Last night (wednesday) Ian, Isla and I went to Terrigal to catch up with Bron, Andrew and Cooper while they were in town for Coops' ABR. I can't get over how improved Coops is now, his posture, his vocabulary, his stability, it's nothing short of amazing! And, he's crawling around, such a beautiful sight! Bron looked beautiful, sporting a gorgeous little bump *wub* Here's a pic of Gorgeous Cooper!

Allison's 80's inspired 30th was a crack up, I have a tonne of pics, none of me, I really should have got one with Allison in her feral pink legwarmers...there may be one floating around somewhere.

Monday, February 25, 2008

My little Chihuahua, Troy, has been staying with my Dad because we're unable to have pets in our rental property. Dad is now affectionately known as "Poppy Troy" since being awarded this title from Isla.

About three or four weeks ago, Troy escaped from Dad's yard by digging under a shonky fence pailing. We'd feared the worst for him, given that he's microchipped and we hadn't heard anything from a pound/rspca etc, but on Saturday morning Ian received a call that Troy had been rescued by a family while roaming the streets. They fell in love with him, and called him "Stevie" and wanted to keep him, but took him to the vets to see if he was microchipped.

So, he's home, happy & healthy. Isla and I bought him a collar this morning and went to visit him, thankfully the pet store had run out of pink collars, so Isla chose him purple. He did originally have one but almost hanged himself in the low-lying plants in the backyard so we removed it. Never again though!

Monday, February 11, 2008

and where has my baby gone?

Monday, February 4, 2008

Parramatta City Raceway is holding the 46th (??) Australian Sprintcar Title this weekend...Dad and I were only going to go for 1 night instead of 3, so we decided to go the final night, which we assumed was the Saturday night (despite Thursday and Friday being washed out). Much to our surprise, Saturday was heat races only!

So, we decided to go again tonight (Sunday) only to have it pour down again, and the night's racing was cancelled! Hurumph!

Rescheduled for the 9th of Feb, can't wait. If Saturday night is anything to go by, I think Garry Brazier will take home the title, despite the fact that I can't stand him, he is a very impressive driver. Sartori was very fast, and 2nd on points at this stage, and Brooke was on a charge too. If I could choose the result, I'd go Robbie Farr, Max Dumesny then Sammy Walsh. Having said that, it'll be Brazier, Tatnell, Madsen 1,2,3.

Took the P&S on Saturday night and got a few good snaps, but I think the 400D will have to come with me next weekend and we'll go for a wander through the pits :) Most of my pics from the night are of Max & Robbie, and some impressive shots of the catch-fence :P

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

OT Assessment

Two weeks ago we had an OT assessment with Mel at the Hospital. It was purely to see where she's at.. Here's the report...

"Isla has been attending Occupational Therapy since November 2006. Her presenting problem related to mirroring of her hand movements. She has attended regular appointments on a monthly basis in which she has been provided activities to decrease the presence of mirroring her hand movements.

A review assessment was conducted today to determine her level of function for her fine motor skills.

Results of Assessment
The assessment conducted was related to her motor skill development. Isla was assessed using the following assessment tools:

* Parent Questionnaire
* Peabody Developmental Motor Scale (2nd Ed)
* Non-standard observations.

Assessment Results
Peabody Developmental Motor Scale (2nd Edition)
The Peabody Developmental Motor Scales-II is comprised of six sub-tests that measure interrelated motor abilities that develop early in life. The assessment measures both gross and fine motor skills, however for the purpose of this assessment, only the fine motor component was utilised. Isla achieved the following results:

Component Standard Score Age equiv.
Grasping 9 34 months
Visual Motor Integration 9 34 months

* Grasping
Isla swapped hands throughout the assessment, Her mother reported that she predominately uses her left hand for feeding and ball skills, however swaps for fine motor activities. She held her pencil with a quadripod grasp (Placed her middle finger on the pencil as opposed to resting it underneath)

* Visual Motor Integration
Isla was able to build a tower of 10 blocks. She also attempted to imitate building structures such as a bridge and a wall, however demonstrated difficulty with copying the structures exacrtly. She was able to copy a vertical and horizontal stroke and a circle, however was unable to copy a cross. She has not yet learnt to grasp scissors with one hand and was unable to snip the edge of the paper. She was able to thread beads onto a string and laced a piece of string onto a lacing card.

1. It is recommended that Isla continue to attend Occupational Therapy to monitor her scissor skills development and hand preference".

So there you have it, Isla is only "delayed" by 2 months with fine motor now which is unreal! We're trying to work out which hand she'll write with. She's always been prone to using her left hand for feeding, throwing etc, and kicks with her left foot too, but has more control and uses an almost proper finger grip when drawing with her right. We need to build her stamina with the one hand, so in effect, stop her from switching hands half way through drawing. We stick a sticker on the hand she uses first and tell her this is her drawing hand, and constantly make sure we keep on her about this.

By the way, the monkey is 12kgs now :)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I thought I should make a record and constantly update when Isla says something cute/funny..I originally started this post at the end of 2007.
- - - - - - - - -
On the way to Poppy's house:

Isla: "Mummy, where are we going?"
Me: "We're going to see Poppy"
Isla: "Mummy, is Poppy awake?"
Me: "Yes, Poppy's awake"
Isla: "Oh, this is going to be great!! I so excited!"
- - - - - - - - -
Sitting in the car at Austinmer Beach watching the waves:
Isla: "Oh my God! These waves are incredible! They the biggest waves I ever seen!"
- - - - - - - - -
Sitting at the Dr's waiting room, Isla was playing with one of those wall-mounted toys with the steering wheel/wavy mirror etc. It was Sea themed...
Isla: (at the top of her lungs) "These are Mummy's crabs"
Me: "No sweetheart, they're not Mummy's, they're toy crabs"
Isla: "No Mummy, YOUR crabs"
- - - - - - - - - -
While attempting to sit in the fridge:
Me: "Isla, the fridge isn't for sitting, hop out please"
Isla: "Mum, stop telling me everything"
- - - - - - - - - -
Watching her bath fill up:
"Oh Mummy, this bath is marvellous"
- - - - - - - - - -
Crying in bed:
Me: "What's the matter sweetheart?"
Isla: "I scared"
Me: "What are you scared of?"
Isla: "Owls"
- - - - - - - - - -
Ian: "Isla, it's nearly bed time, you can play for 5 minutes then it's time for bed"
Isla: "Daaaad, that's not a good idea!"
- - - - - - - - - -
Isla: "I can't sleep in my room anymore, I too scared"
Me: "What are you scared of?"
Isla: "Oh you know, snakes, owls, that sort of stuff"
- - - - - - - - - -
Me: "Isla, what do you think we should call baby sister?"
Isla: "Arina, you know, like Ballerina"

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The little girl at the end of this clip walks just like my Isla does.

Monday, January 7, 2008

I can't believe my little lady is 3 and obviously she doesn't believe it either, because she insists that she's 7.

She has been so excited about having a party for the last week, every morning she'd wake up and ask, "Is it my party today?". Each time we went out she'd tell whoever we'd speak to that she was having a party!

We all had a lovely day, although it was SO incredibly hot and muggy! I think almost all of my photo's from the day everyone has rosy cheeks and beads of sweat on their brow!

I think Isla was happy with her party, she'd given Ian and I strict requirements for the day, ie, "pink balloons and streamers and deca-ations (as she calls them) and cakes with lots of sprinkles on top".

I couldn't be arsed making a pretty cake like the merry-go-round I made last year, so this year it was lots of cupcakes, with sprinkles as per Isla's instructions! Some were plain, others had little decorative butterflies :)

Isla received so many presents, she was spoiled rotten! Her favourite gifts for the day were the ladybug outfit from Nanny & Poppy, playdough from Poppy Troy and the Dora parifanalia from Lyn & Rod and Allison & Brad.

She finished the day by going to Steve & Marie's place for a swim to cool off with Ian, while I went to the Speedway with my Father-In-Law Kevin and my Dad, where Ian's cousin Robbie came 2nd in the $50,000 race!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Here's hoping 2008 is a cracker...

We welcomed in the New Year with Allison & Brad and their friends, at their place.

Had a lovely night, Isla lasted until midnight but crashed soon after!