Monday, November 30, 2009

Botox day today.

I was filled with fear and trepidation of what lay ahead, if last time was anything to go by.

To my utter surprise, everything today was easy and straight-forward.

I'd been telling Isla that we'd have to go back to Dr L's hospital again, but promised her "no yucky medicine, and no pricks" (as she called it from last time). I explained that she's have her own little mask on, and she'd have a little sleep, then when she woke up she could have jelly and then come home. It literally went just like that.

She was excited to be there from the get-go. I was concerned that going back to the ward would bring back all those memories of the last time we were there, but apparently not. She didn't remember it at all.

We took Katie, the French talking doll, Bella the ballerina and her polka dot sheet that she's slept under this past week while she was sick. Oh, yes, she was sick as a dog this week and Ian took her to the hospital on Wednesday night after a day and a half of fever which then turned into spots. According to the hospital it was just tonsillitis, and the fever caused the spots. Although now Harper has broken out in them and everyone seems to think that it may be German Measles (we're off to the Dr's tomorrow).

I digress...

The Dr I spoke to on Thursday checked her over and said she was fine to go ahead with the Botox today, so that was a relief. Isla was all excited about the bed that winds up and having a colouring in table right on top of it! So we settled in with the sheet and the dolls, ready for colouring, only to discover that I forgot to pack the colouring books, so Ian went on a mad search through the hospital(s) looking for one and ended up having to walk all the way up to the main street of Randwick to get one!

Orthotics were fixed, and I still hate the bloody things. They were meant to give us a referral for a new pair for a few months time, but we didn't get it on the way out. Actually, we didn't get anything, I guess I'll have to chase that up.

We met the Anaesthetist, we saw Dr L, we had the usual obs done.

The Play Therapist came and asked Isla what sort of toys she liked, she said "horses and Princesses". The Therapist came back with some bright orange playdough (which Isla was allowed to bring home) and a gorgeous Disney Princesses Doll house. She was stoked!

The Play Therapist also had a bag of scented lip glosses, and Isla was allowed to choose whatever scent she liked to put on her mask before the Botox took place. She picked Coca Cola.

Not long after, they came and said they were ready. Ian said he'd go with her to the Procedure Room, he knows how much I hate hospitals and all things medical. I kissed her goodbye and told her I loved her. She waved and was smiling all the way. She was excited!

I cried while she was gone. I couldn't believe how excited she was, and I was anxious that she'd come back like last time and it'd be a nightmare.

About 30 minutes later she was back. I was outside getting some air, Ian called me. I was worried about how she would be when she woke up. I worried she'd be hard to rouse. I worried that she'd be sick. I ran up the stairs and into the ward, and there she was in bed, wide awake, laughing, joking, happy.

Ian and I couldn't believe it.

She tried some jelly, but didn't like it. She devoured a ham sandwich and half a bottle of lemonade. It was almost time to go home!

Then The Clown Doctors came in. If ever you needed to donate to a charity, it should be these guys. Isla loved them. I loved them. Everyone loved them. They sang Isla a song, they played with her, gave her bubbles, and took a photo with her. They were awesome. This guy in particular was hilarious (cant't quite explain why I look like I have been punched in the face!)

Isla didn't want to leave!

So, we have a review on the 21st of January.

We have some new physio stretches to do, must get back into the night splints. They're a bit concerned about her knees and hamstrings more than her calves now.

So proud of my little Princess. I found a DIY Fairy Doll kit when I went down to the giftshop in search of chocolate, which I of course bought for her for being so brave, and then, of course, we had to make it tonight. Lucky she's cute!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

So very slack.

I haven't been in here for ages, I've been so preoccupied with so much stuff.

Isla is doing really well. Just this last week she seems to have grown up so much - it's insane.

2 weeks ago we had "Big School" Orientation and she loved it. It was such a huge step for the both of us. It was a really emotional experience, more so for me than for Isla.

As we were walking in to the hall, she started crying and told me she was scared and wanted to go home. She clung to me like never before as we sat in the hall waiting for her and the other children to go off to the Kindergarten classes to play while we learnt the school rules.

I sat there wondering whether I was doing the right thing for her. Maybe I should home school her? Maybe she should wait another year? All the other kids were SO much bigger than her and more confident.

Then one of her pre-school classmates came up to her and told her she was coming to the school too. Isla was over the moon. Everything changed. She gladly walked off into a sea of kindy kids, confidence beaming from her. She was so excited.

We sat and listened to policies for what seemed to be an eternity before we could her chatter from the canteen behind us.

There they all were, our little almost "big schoolers", enjoying recess at big school.

She spotted me and came running up to me, telling me how much she loves big school and can't wait to go back. She told me they did colouring, and read a story and she made a new friend.

It turned out to be wonderful.

We put a calendar up on the fridge for Isla to mark off each morning when she wakes p, counting down to the next orientation at big school, which is this week. She is thrilled.

I received a call from the Botox Dr, Dr L today, Isla's botox was scheduled for December 21st, but she's been brought forward to the 30th of this month. Dr L seemed to think it would all be a bit to much leading up to Xmas, and I am very grateful to him for that. It may also mean that Isla will not be in plaster for the first few weeks of big school.

What a relief.

What else has been happening?

We're applying for funding for Isla to have an aide at school with her, mainly for recess and lunch times and for sports days. She'll need help navigating around the playground, and stand-by assistance going to the bathroom. Hopefully we'll be successful.

Isla refuses to have photo's taken, so unfortunately I have none to upload of her!