Thursday, March 26, 2009

Botox Clinic Update

We saw Dr L on Tuesday. I love this man. I feel very privileged that we are able to see him at all.

First appointment after lunch, 1pm - we arrived at 12.40pm left at 3.20pm. LONG day with the girls.

Isla has been sick with the 'flu for the last few days, and was particularly bad yesterday. Any smart mother probably would have not taken her out, but with the waiting list so long to see Dr that I just didn't want to cancel. I was pretty surprised when he said, "I haven't seen Isla for almost a year" Surely not?! I really should have waited around in October last year.

So, we're having botox. Still uncertain just how I feel about the whole thing, but that's secondary I guess. Isla doesn't know about it all just yet, and that's for a few reasons. 1. That I have absolutely no idea how to explain it to her. 2. I don't quite know what to expect and 3. It's not until June, I don't want her stressing about things until then.

June 4th we're booked in. Wish us luck. Her right leg is turning in quite a lot, all of us were really shocked to see just how much it tuned on Tuesday, even Ian and I commented to each other that we've never seen it that bad before. Thinking about it now, I think it may have been more obvious because she really wasn't very well. Today it's nowhere near as pronounced.

She'll be having 3 injections in total. 2 in the right leg, one in the left. Then will be in plasters about 3ish weeks afterwards (I think I heard that right). They said something about the gastrocnemius (thanks Google!) muscles. Wiki tells me that's the calf muscles. They're also doing hamstring on the right hand side. I really should learn all these proper terms for the muscles, then I might have some clue what they're talking about.

Only little doses of the Botox, Dr L said we may not see any difference (which makes me think, why bother) but he said better to start out small and increase as she needs it. It'll be interesting.

She'll have the injecitons under sedation, thank god. She'll have the nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and morphine as well. Dr L advises us to get hold of an anaesthetic mask so Isla doesn't freak out with it. Will see if Aunty Kate can hook us up with one of these.

Hip X-rays showed slight migration in the right hip, but nothing to be concerned about. Probably caused by the way her right leg is turning in. There was talk of theratogs, will have to investigate further.

We saw Michael the physio yesterday, and he introduced us to "Dynamic Taping". This funky bandage (fabrifoam) which is smooth one one side and grippy yet foamy on the other, which we wind around her leg, which helps to pull it out. It's awesome. Michael strapped her up yesterday over her orthotic and when Isla ran her leg was straight! Still pulled in a little when she walked, but a massive improvement. I showed Ian how to put it on last night and he was surprised by how well it worked. Will definitely have to stick with this!

Haven't taken photo's for a while. Will strap her up and take some pics today hopefully!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bad Mummy...

I have been SO very slack. I do genuinely come online to update Isla's blog but get distracted by Twitter *hides*

So, what can I tell you about Isla. We went and had a review by the paediatrician. That went well - it was very brief though. He mentioned that her therapists have all indicated that she is very intelligent. Height and weight all normal (although I didn't think to ask how tall she is now). Weighs 14.5kgs.

He gave me a phone number for a place called Rainbow Cottage to call. According to the Paed, 2 doctors, Dr W and Dr B would perform something they call a CAT assessment to see what sorts of aides etc Isla may need when she goes to Kindergarten next year (EEP!). I called the number but they told me to call a different number, so I did. Once I got hold of the people on the new number they told me I was out of the area and to call our local health service. So I call the local place at 12.58pm they tell me to call back at 1pm. How utterly irritating. Call them back and ask them to organise a CAT assessment for Isla - they don't even know what CAT stands for (neither do I!) and that they'll get an intake officer to contact me and help me book Isla into a local school. Can't be bothered explaining we won't live in this area next year..all too complicated. "Someone will call you back" they said. 2 weeks later, I'm still waiting.
Spoke to someone at the Spastic Centre. They gave me a number to call to join a parents group/morning tea?? type set up. Not sure that I'm ready for that. The thing is, Isla is mild - quite mild. We are very lucky. I would feel like a complete fraud to go to a parents of CP kids group and pretend that I know how hard it is for kids with CP - the reality is, I don't. I can't imagine the daily heartache and stresses that the parents of severely or even moderately effected children is like. My heart goes out to them.
We'll be joining a school starters group at some point in the near future, we're on a waiting list. I have a feeling the lady may have called me the other day, but I am locked out of my messages. Must call them tomorrow and see.
Botox clinic is on Wednesday. This will be interesting. We haven't had the botox clinic for quite a while, I can't even remember when the last one was, well, there was one in October but we didn't stick around because Dr L was running late and I was heavily preggers. I am quite looking forward to hearing what Dr L thinks about her progress. Must remember to take AFO's and hip XRays and Tap shoes - she walks really well in them!

Dancing, how she loves it. It's beautiful to see how excited she is about dancing - particularly the tap dancing. Parents have to wait outside for the 45 minute lessons, when they come out of the hall it's the cutest thing ever. As I said above, she walks surprisingly well in tap shoes, I think because they have a slight heel on them, and also because they obviously make a tapping noise when she makes a heel stirke. Thank god they're useful at $65 a pop.

Swimming lessons still going well. Mondays are her favourite day of the week. She can dog-paddle on a pool noodle, and went under water and paddled about a metre on her own last week, which she hated, but she did it nonetheless.
Will update again after Botox Clinic.