Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lots of news.

We've been busy little bees around these parts lately.

Here's the latest on Miss Isla.

We saw Dr L on Tuesday, the Botox Dr. He's still happy with her progress although she is beginning to tighten up again - particularly in the hamstrings.

He's stressed that she really needs to break her W sitting habit, because if she continues, she will no doubt require some sort of hip surgery in the future :(

We're booked in for more Botox on the 21st of December, yes, 4 days before Christmas. BUT, the good news is that she'll be having it under GA, because she remembers everything about last time.

He mentioned some new study that they're trying to get funding for, some sort of electrical current therapy (I could have that wrong, but the word electrical was definitely in there somewhere!) and he thinks Isla would be a suitable candidate for the trail. I have absolutely no idea about what it all involves, but I'll wait to see what info Dr L gives me before I completely dismiss it.

What else.

We had a Speech assessment at the Spastic Centre the past two Mondays (over two appointments because Isla was being "stubborn"). I get the report on Tuesday, but the Speechie said that she's very happy with her skills and doesn't seem to think she has any problems in that area.

We saw the Paediatrician too. He's given us a referral to the Sleep Clinic at the local hospital. Still waiting for them to call us back with an appointment time. Isla is going to hate it, but she's such a poor sleeper, plus she snores and grinds her teeth, it'll be good to get to the bottom of it all.

Dr F (the Paed) did check her tonsils and adnoids but thinks that they're okay, a little on the largish side, but still very much okay. He'll wait for the results of the Sleep Clinic before we make any more decisions.

The lady from the DET called this week to help organise Isla's transition to school, but because we've now moved, we have to wait for another lady to contact us. The house we've just moved too is a very short walk to the local public school, so we hope that Isla will be able to go there. Dr F told me that it is a very good school and he thinks it will be suitable for Isla, he's writing them a letter all about her.

We pick up the new orthotics tomorrow. Finally. It's been completely impossible to find a time to get in to the Prince Of Wales Hospital to get them fitted. Then we get to go shoe shopping! Isla is excited. I hope they keep her heels down.

Not much else happening though.

We're back on the books with the Spastic Centre, so now we're just waiting for them to call us and get into some therapy over there.

I have some photo's but not on this computer. Will upload some tonight!