Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

I took my Isla to the paed. today to have her tongue checked out because she's tongue tied.
He looked at her and said, "it's no real problem and will fix itself, I wouldnt worry about it"

Great I thought. So he asked if he could weigh her, and thats when the nightmare began.

She's 10 months on Sunday and still doesnt sit unassisted - so she wouldnt sit on his scale things properly. Thats when he noticed that her legs are always rigid..He asked if it was always the way, and yes, it has been ever since she was born. My ECHN said it was a sign that she wants to walk.

He tested her reflexes then tells me, he thinks she has cerebral palsy.
I'm sitting here with her now, and Im a mess, she see's the tears and laughs at me, cheeky little bugger.

I was told to make an urgent appointment with a paed. physio - who cant see me until next Tuesday - the wait is going to kill me.

The Paed. said that there is a slight chance that it's not CP and that she'll correct herself by 12 months, but it didnt seem likely.

My god, I went in there to have her tongue checked out now it seems my whole world is collapsing. I should point out though, that he said that it's not mental, she's very bright according to him, it's just that she has too much muscle tone in her lower limbs and her reflexes dont respond properly. So we have to have lots of time in the zoo pillow, lots of time in the bath and throw out the walker and the jolly jumper...

I dont know what to do, I know I have to be positive and think that it will only be a minor set back and that she'll fix herself, but what if she doesnt? I dont know what happens if it is diagnosed as Cp - at the moment I think too much info will scare me too much.


Josephine said...

I found your blog through violet's journey, and just wanted to say hi! My little girl has the same "brand" of cp - and I remember this exact feeling when we were told she had cp. I don't know about you, but before she was diagnosed, I thought cerebral palsy meant wheelchairs and all of that - I didn't realise there were all different degrees, so it was a huge shock!