Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Look who's talking!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I finally managed to get hold of the MRI desk at the Children's Hospital to find out when Isla's MRI will be performed - October 5th! Not too far away. We're meant to wait until the November Neuro Clinic at Campbelltown Hospital to find out the results, but I think we'll see Dr A privately at his rooms to get the results. I've had enough waiting.

Speaking of waiting, still waiting to hear back from the Physio's at the hospital re: serial casting. I'm told it would be in the next two weeks, but every time I call her to make a booking she's in a Clinic and calls back when I'm at work! I've made friend's with a few Mum's whose kid's have had plaster, so I'm sort of prepared for what we'll go through, but it's still going to be rough on all involved.

Still having a hard time with the walking, lost a little confidence this week after slipping while pulling herself up on the table. Gave herself an awful bruise under her left eye (which in turn gave her a black eye) so she's not too keen on standing near anything lately.

Still searching for the right type of walker/push toy to help her get moving. At the moment, Isla is content to knee-walk behind empty boxes.

Must have cried a million tears this week for little Isla and what the future holds for her. It's hardest when I see other little one's walking around (sepecially learning to walk) it all comes so easily, yet my little Darling can't do it - and it hurts. It makes me angry, it makes me hurt, a pain unlike anything I've ever known. I know it's a part of life (for other children at least) but I think I'll just have to distance myself from it all - at least until I have a clearer idea at what Isla's future will entail..

Isla has discovered her voice! She can now say: Mum, Dad, Nana, Pop Pop, ball, Tigger, Isla, uh-oh, sit, yay, yum, hiss (for snake), baa (for sheep), moo (for Nanny & Poppy's dog), ta (for thank-you), yep, no, pretty (or preeeeeeeeeeeeeeeety LOL) and hi! Clever little poppet!

Christmas & Birthday presents this year will be a challenge I think. I'm thinking maybe a rocking horse for her, but I'm not too sure how she'll go with her balance. Hopefully Isla will be making the transition to a big girls bed around Christmas time, so maybe we'll put in a request for bed linen etc.


^^^^That's from Isla^^^^who thinks she's pretty clever being able to reach the keyboard!!

Isla has started whistling too. It's just the cutest thing!

Big hugs to everyone