Friday, August 18, 2006

Casting - Round 1

Friday, August 18, 2006

Isla had her first round of serial casting on Wednesday!

She was a very brave little girl, I can only imagine how scary & uncomfortable it must have been for her :( Michael was there and was super fast at plastering her legs - I was very very grateful that he was there - his presence tends to calm me!!

Nanny also came (but I think it was more to hold Mummy's hand than Isla's ;) ) I had planned on taking pictures of the process, but it just wasn't possible.

So far, we're getting there slowly. She's only just started pulling herself up on the furniture again, this was after 2 days of laying on the floor - not able to move anywhere. She seems happy enough today, enjoying a lovely snooze at the moment!

Plasters come of on Wednesday morning, and another set put on..great...

Another WOOHOO!! to Gabby who has taken a huge 10 steps since our last update, very proud of you Miss Gabby!!

Also, to Coops who sat for 10 seconds - way to go Champ!!!

Much Love to all