Thursday, August 31, 2006

Multi-disciplinary Screening

Thursday, August 31, 2006 Isla had her multi-disciplinary screening at Campbelltown Hospital today.

They use something called the Bayley Scale, where they ask a lot of questions and plot the answers accordingly (I guess it's similar to the Edinburgh Scale for ante-natal screening) Isla was cranky (she's not well) so personally, I think she may have performed/responded much better than she did..but here are the results:

Gross Motor Skills - functioning at 10month level - her biggest delay Fine Motor Skills - functioning at 18 month level - right on track

Cognitive Skills - functioning at 17 month level - so slightly behind

The Speechie thinks Isla is behind with her speech because she only heard her say "no" and "ta" - but she can say "Mum, Dad, Nana, Pop, Pen, Ball, Bath (nearly), Dance (nearly), Isla, Tigger, teddy, no, yep, wow, uh-oh, hiss (for snake), baa (for sheep), eieio for Old Mc Donald, pretty (almost), yum, at, hi, bye..." so I think it's crap.

They also said that her behavioural delay (only by a couple of months) is because it "appears to be a case of what Isla wants she gets" so we have to try to break her of this habit, and make her ask us or tell us (point/say) what it is that she wants rather than solving the problem for her.

We also have to point out more things when we read to her (she scored low points because she'd rather play on her own than with us - when it comes to reading etc) and we also need to do more puzzles with her, although she did really well with the ones they had. We also need to encourage her to be more interactive with her toys...

So, as if we weren't already busy enough and completely sick of that bloody hospital - now, in addition to the weekly Physio sessions, the Botox and Rehabilitation sessions, Isla will have to attend Speech Pathology & Occupational Therapy.

I'm really angry and upset, I can't be around people, I just don't have it in me anymore. I'm so mad and hurt that there are so many struggles that Isla has to go through while others don't. It's completely unfair. I'm sick of everyone taking everything for granted.