Monday, August 20, 2007

A sick little Muppet

Poor little Isla, she's been so sick today, I should have twigged this morning when she didn't get out of bed until 10.30am!

We're home from the hospital, where we sat for a few hrs waiting to see a Dr - you should have seen how packed it was in there.

Isla's temperature was at 39.5 and she's been vomiting and had an awful nappy (although when are they ever "good" LOL) She'd only drank about 50mLs during the day so the hospital said to bring her down and get her checked.

The prognosis, well, he didn't say much. The vomiting and nappy were "probably" due to the fever, and he listened, poked and prodded her tummy without finding anything, so we're not too sure whether she actually did have the sore tummy she said she had.

Hopefully the little mite will be better after a good night's sleep - cross your fingers!

***Update from a few days later***
Isla was sick again, the fevers, vomiting etc. We went to another Dr who diagnosed her with Tonsillitis and prescribed her some antibiotics, and eventually, she came good again. There was also suspicion of a UTI but once we changed nappy brands all seemed fine. :