Sunday, November 18, 2007

A-Z of all things Isla

A is for arriba! "Arriba up, abajo down" Isla's favourite Spanish song.

B is for bubbles - Isla will often spend hours blowing bubbles, chasing bubbles, drawing bubbles. There's something so wonderful about watching children play with bubbles, to see the genuine intrigue and happiness is amazing.

C is for Chocolate - it seems to be a bit of a vice for Isla (she's so much like her Mummy sometimes *wub*) Freddo frogs are a big hit around here, although she's quite partial to good old Top Deck too :)

D is for Dora - Isla's favourite show. Thanks to Dora, Isla speaks in Spanish quite fluently and insisted on counting meat in the supermarket in Spanish - much to our surprise. "Te quiero mucho little Isla" xx.