Monday, February 25, 2008

Welcome Home Troy the boy!

My little Chihuahua, Troy, has been staying with my Dad because we're unable to have pets in our rental property. Dad is now affectionately known as "Poppy Troy" since being awarded this title from Isla.

About three or four weeks ago, Troy escaped from Dad's yard by digging under a shonky fence pailing. We'd feared the worst for him, given that he's microchipped and we hadn't heard anything from a pound/rspca etc, but on Saturday morning Ian received a call that Troy had been rescued by a family while roaming the streets. They fell in love with him, and called him "Stevie" and wanted to keep him, but took him to the vets to see if he was microchipped.

So, he's home, happy & healthy. Isla and I bought him a collar this morning and went to visit him, thankfully the pet store had run out of pink collars, so Isla chose him purple. He did originally have one but almost hanged himself in the low-lying plants in the backyard so we removed it. Never again though!