Wednesday, August 27, 2008

On the toilet...

Isla was toilet trained earlier in the year but somehow winded back up in nappies, I say somehow, I know exactly why but not the place to go into it...I digress...The other week I asked her to get a new nappy for me and she looked in the packet and said "there won't be enough for baby sister" and decided she would wear undies!

She was doing so well last week, and I promised her a much longed after ironing board and toy iron (she'd been asking for this for a while). I gave them to her on Thursday night after pre-school and Friday she was having accidents left, right and centre. Turns out she thought that she only had to do wee's in the toilet to get the toy, and now that she had it, she didn't need to anymore!

So, we battled through the weekend, without much success, and Monday we had BIG accidents :( It was so sad to see her go backwards after doing so well with it. So Tuesday we went to visit my Mum who'd been away for a week or two. We went to the local shopping centre and Isla decieded she wanted to go to the toilet, but couldn't once we got to the loo's. Once we'd walked back to the food court she had to go again, so this time I took her to the parents room with the little toilets. She tried again but couldn't go. Then once we walked out of the toilets she said she needed to go again and this time we had success! She managed to do another 5 on the toilet that day and we've had no accidents today *touch wood*.

Very proud of her, and she's very proud of herself :)

Her strong independant streak is coming through with the toileting too, today we were only allowed to help her get up onto her toilet ladder, then I had to wait in the kitchen and she'd go to the toilet, get off the ladder and wipe herself before calling me in to see the "yellow water". She's too grown up sometimes!