Thursday, September 4, 2008


We saw the physio again on Tuesday, and the tone in Isla's legs hasn't improved, so it's back into plasters for the little princess :(

Hopefully we'll get away with 2 weeks worth but we've booked in for 3. We discussed what sort to put on, and we decided to go with the ones to be cut off with the plaster saw, but now I'm not too sure - Isla is terrified of those automatic hand driers in public toilets, so a plaster saw will scare the living crap out of her. I think it's best we go for the ones that can be soaked off. And she can pick the colour!

She doesn't seem concerned about it thus far, I've tried explaining it to her, but I guess she's still too little to comprehend it all, and she was 1.5 when she had the last lot of casting done. I explained that it's just like when we had her helpers made, they put plaster on her legs then cut it off. We'll see how we go. First round is on the 16th of September.

I spoke to pre-school today about how she'll go there with the plasters on, they don't think she'll have a problem. I was contemplating letting her stay home for the time that she's wearing them, but I suppose as long as they keep her out of the sandpit she'll be fine!

We've had no more accidents with the toilet training either! Very proud of her! We're even in undies at night time, again, with no accidents. She's no longer scared of poo's on the toilet (or anywhere for that matter, she has always struggled with them) and now she heads off to the toilet when she can feel them! It's so wonderful!!