Friday, October 31, 2008

Botox Clinic

Didn't go exactly to plan.

Our appointment was to be the first after lunch, 1pm. We had to organise a hip X-Ray beforehand to have ready for the clinic and then two days before, Tracey from the hospital called to say we needed a new referral letter too.

So, I spent Wednesday morning racing around like a mad-woman going to the GP (and waiting for an hour to be seen) to get the referral letter, then off to Campbelltown to pick up the X-Rays from Saturday, then off to the Hospital. We got there just before 1pm to find out the clinic was running 2 hours late.

Initially I was a bit annoyed, but I guess you need to take into account that we see the Dr for nothing, and he is the leading specialist in Botox in Australia, the fact that we were scheduled to see him is quite a privilege indeed.

I ended up canceling the appointment, I was so tired and really couldn't even contemplate the idea of entertaining Isla in the hospital waiting room for a minimum of 2 hours, so when Michael came out, I canceled. I'm so glad that Michael was understanding, and he said to one of the other parents that, when a certain time came around, the Dr would have to leave regardless of who was waiting still.

I have to make an appointment to see him privately in his rooms, and I'm pretty certain that we wont get in to see him until late January at this stage, but we'll continue to see Michael in the meantime and will book in to the next clinic too.

What else has been happening? Isla has been sleeping in her bed ALL night for a week and a bit now. Ian and I are still alternating with putting her to bed, and she does sleep better on the nights that Ian puts her in, but she is improving for me which is great. We're trying to get her off her binkies too, we managed to cut her down to one on Wednesday night, but no such luck last night. We'll keep trying though.

It's meant to be 36 degrees here today, so far it's not so bad, although I haven't ventured out the door yet, I have a mountain of washing to do and I just cannot be bothered. Such is life!!