Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sleep, glorious Sleep!!

Little Miss Isla has been slipping in to bed with us for God knows how long now, and with my belly getting more cumbersome with every second that passes and summer coming, we decided that it has to come to an end - although I secretly love snuggling up to her and knowing she's right there with me all the time.

She hasn't had any problems in actually going to bed and going to sleep, it's just staying in the bed once she wakes up, that's been the problem - and we want to have it sorted by the time her baby sister comes, we don't want any major changes when she's finally here!

2 nights ago, my Mum promised to buy Isla a bell for her bike if she stayed in her own bed all night for 5 nights. The first night, Isla woke up around midnight and said that she didn't want a bell for the bike anymore, she just wanted to sleep in with us LOL. She went to the toilet then back to bed, another half an hour later she was screaming because there was a monster in her room. Apparently, it flew from the top of her bookcase and out the window, it was white with zig zags and flappy wings. She lasted until 4.30am before coming in with us, then slept until 10.30am.

Last night I put her to bed (Ian and I alternate each night) and she fell asleep quite quickly. She stirred around midnight because the dog went into her room and cried next to her bed because he wanted to sleep with her. I woke up a few times through the night to check on her, and she was sound asleep each time. I was certain that Ian's alarm would have woken her up at 4.45am, but she didn't stir at all. Dad left for work around 6 and again, nothing. She woke up at 6.45 because she was tangled in her sheets.

So excited! It's been the longest time since she's had a loooooong sleep on her own, in her own bed. She was pretty pleased with herself too. Fingers crossed it's a constant from now on!


Anonymous said...

Great! Hope it does continue for you! Another great photo of Isla too! xx