Sunday, February 1, 2009


We saw Michael the physio again the other week and Isla's right leg is the worst it's ever been, now she can't flex her foot to 90 degrees (or flat) so we made the decision to put her leg into plaster, which was put on last Tuesday and comes off this Tuesday.

So far, so good. Isla hasn't really complained much at all, other than saying, "I don't want any more plaster". Poor little thing. These plasters are different to the previous one's she had, because these one's aren't "soft casts" they're fibreglass (and pink!). With the soft casts, they were a bit bendy to touch (that is a terrible description, but I can't think of another way to put it) these one's are rock hard, and thus have to be removed with a plaster saw, which Michael has told Isla is a tickle saw, just a very noisy one. Thankfully, Ian is coming with me to have them removed, she is going to freak.right.out.

The plasters were supposed to go on last week, but I postponed that round so Isla could go to the beach while we stayed at The Entrance for my SIL's 30th Birthday party. I couldn't handle the idea that we'd be going up there and having her in plaster and not being able to go on the sand or in the water. Good decision, if I do say so myself.

Here's a pic of the little ballerina in the waiting room at the physio's rooms waiting to have her plaster done. I always plan on taking photo's of the plastering process, but my hands are always needed to help hold her leg in place and bits and pieces for Michael, but with Ian going this week, I think I may just be able to get a shot or two.

And, here are some pics from our time away. Will also upload some photo's from her birthday party.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Feel awful for Isla having to have plasters again, sending you all big hugs.
Loved the photo of Ballerina Isla, she is gorgeous