Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Total confusion.

Far Out.

After a frustrating time on the phone yesterday with a woman from the Hospital Isla will be going to for Botox, I finally managed to confirm her admission for the 7th.

Then, yeseterday afternoon, I receive a letter from the hospital asking me to confirm Isla's admission for the 21st. Huh? I called them and explained she's booked in for the 7th, it was confirmed earlier in the morning. Lady I'm speaking to on the phone says, "Disregard the letter about the 21st, she is booked in and ready to go for the 7th".


Cue phone call exactly 2 minutes after I hang up from the Hospital, from Dr L's receptionist, "Hi Mrs F, I'm just calling to let you know Isla's Botox has been rescheduled for the 21st of May". Argh!

She went on to explain that there is no anaesthetist there on the 7th, and there are only 3 children being done on that day, so they're postponing it for 2 weeks.

Now I have to call Michael the Physio and re-schedule the months worth of appointments for casting we made for her following the botox, and see if she can get in to see him again before the 21st. Thing is, I think Michael was considering another week of casting before she had botox on the 2nd of June (the original date we were given) - we'll see what he says when I call him today.

Starting to think all these changes are for a reason??????


mandy said...

No comment really,

Hospitals drive me crazy.

Hopefully you can get some straight answers soon and re scheduling is okay.


Anonymous said...

What a pain....very frustrating to be led down garden paths, especially when you get mixed messages along the way ;-(.

I hope you're able to reschedule everything without too much trouble.

I'm glad we've had no need to consider venturing down the botox path, because I'm really not sure how I'd go with it all.


Anonymous said...

How awful of them to do that, especially when you get youself mentally prepared and now have to do it all over :-(

Alison said...

Sorry to hear about all the stuffing around. We are still on the 8 month wait list!