Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Was it really July when I last posted on here?

Poor Isla.

I had an appointment a few weeks back with Isla's school regarding funding for aide hours next year. Good news is, she's guaranteed hours until 2013 when she'll be reviewed again and because of her age will more than likely get more hours. Bad news is, still at 3 hours per week, but it's better than nothing, and with only a few weeks of school left, 3 hours has done her quite well {but of course, like most things, it could be better}.

Isla's tone is starting to increase now, it's been 5 months since Botox, but her measurements remain quite good. It's hard to see her walking up on her toes again though, it's quite noticeable at the moment.

Isla took part in a muscle stimulation trial/study a few months back where we used a mini tens machine on her right calf muscle for 30 minutes per day for a week. Isla tolerated it really well and we look forward to hopefully being included in the group when it's up and running.

Last week Isla had her first {and hopefully last} ambulance trip. I picked her up from school and she was fine. We went to get her an icy pole from the shop and on the way she was talking about a spider being on her at school. Once we got to the shop she was boiling hot to touch and covered in goosebumps. When we got home the vomiting began and her torso was covered in a red blotchy rash. I freaked out and called 000, but by the time they arrived her temp had started going down, but was still so high at 39.1 so off she went to emergency for a while.

Turned out to be nothing to do with a spider, but an infected throat. Little poppet is aok now.

A few weeks back, I bought Isla her proper 'big girl' bed, upgrading from her toddler bed. We picked an awesome set of bunks with desks built in. So far just Isla is in there, I'm not ready to introduce Harper into the mix just yet!

At the end of September Isla lost her first tooth, and now has another wiggly one! So exciting! I thought she'd freak out by it, but she was so excited, she actually yanked it out!

I think that's everything I've neglected to update the blog-world with...

The above photo is from Isla's school's Halloween Disco last week. She had such a great time and loved dressing up so much!


Anonymous said...

So nice to hear an update from you.

Great to hear the aide hours don't have to be reviewed again until 2013. But like you said not nearly enough hours provided for her :( Maybe that would be one of the only + things about having a review is that she may get an increase in aide time. That's what Violet's school has told us anyway...she can be reviewed each semester if need be. Anyway, just a thought.

Interesting about the muscle stimulation trial/study Isla has been part of.

Glad her hospital admission didnt end up being anything too sinister as it sounded bad enough for a throat infection...yikes!

I forget our kids are at the tooth losing age! How exciting for her.

I love her Halloween disco photo above, she looks gorgeous as per usual! x

Alison said...

She is so gorgeous as usual!! Emma has lost 6 teeth now - once that first one goes they all just come out in a rush!

I'm glad she is feeling better after her hospital trip last week - poor thing - throat infections are awful.

Are you doing much photography at the moment? Or should I ask that on your other blog??

Belinda said...

Great to hear an update!

She is beautiful as always!


Jenna said...

Hi Isla
My name is Jenna and I came across your site. U are a beautiful little girl with a beautiful smile. U are courageous, strong and determined fighter. U are a brave warrior, smilen champ and an inspirational hero. I was born with a rare bone joint disease. I love it when people sign my guestbook.