Thursday, November 24, 2005

CT Scan

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Yesterday had to be the most heartbreaking & exhausting day of my life.

I took Isla to the hospital for her CT scan and blood tests. We were admitted at 9.30am and went for our CT scan at 12.40..She spat out most of the drops that they gave her to sedate her, so she wouldnt sleep for the CT - after 1 hour and 45 minutes of me trying to rock her to sleep!

So back up to the ward we went to have a cannula put in and her blood tests...they'd left the numbing patches on for 3 hours and her skin was red-raw poor little thing, they're meant to be left on for 45 mins max...

It took 4 people to hold her down to get the blood tests done (and this was with Isla wrapped in a bed sheet with only one arm out!) She cried to hard and for so long and there was nothing I could do about it but cry along with her....The cannula and blood tests took 20 minutes...

So back to Radiology to have the CT - this time she was given sedation through an IV - which only made her drowsy and floppy but worked well enough to get the CT done. It was so scary, they had a Paediatrician stay with her the whole time in case something went wrong because they weren't sure how much sedation they'd given her and thought she may overdose

Anyways, our Paediatrician met us at 5pm, both of us utterly exhausted and dying to leave...He gave us the fabulous news that the Cerebral Palsy is so mild that it there is absolutely no indication of it in her brain (it's that mild & minute) I was ecstatic, he checked her legs again and said that there's still stiffness, but it's getting better. He said with physio it should be corrected almost 100% and if not, then she'll have Botox injections to relax her muscles. He said we wouldnt have to see him again for a few months He showed her reflexes to some medical students and described her as having "True Spastic Depligia" but he didnt say it to me.

He's still worried about her weight, she's only 7.8kgs So he said he'd better see her again in 3 weeks just to check her weight.

All her bloodwork came back completely normal but we still have to wait 3 weeks for her chromosome inspection to come back