Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Physiotherapy Assessment

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Well, today was the day, we took Isla to the physiotherapist to be assessed for Cerebral Palsy.

She was so tired when we got there, and screamed in frustration, so he didnt get the chance to look her over properly, but he did say that there is increased muscle tone in her lower legs which could possibly be Cerebral Palsy, but without further assessment and diagnostic testing, couldn't confirm. He said whether it is CP or a gross motor development delay, the treatment is the same. He gave us lots of exercises for her to do to try to relax the muscles in her calves and to try to bend her foot into the 'proper' position (Her feet are pointed, like she's on tippy-toes) We now have a weekly session with him, and he is fabulous (and married to a girl I know as it turns out!)

So we were feeling confident going in to see the Paediatrician straight afterwards. He checked her again, and is still concerned about her muscle tone and said that he is convinced that she has Cerebral Palsy Poor little munchkin. He said that while there is signs of improvement from our last consultation (2 weeks ago) it's still not enough for him to think that it is a developmental delay.

Next step, this week sometime (awaiting call to find out when exactly) Isla has to be admitted to Hospital for bloodwork and a CT scan The Paed is going to meet us at the hospital to go over the results.

He told us it very common in prem babies and those with low birth weights and would have come from lack of oxygen during her delivery - - Which is news to me, I had a GA so Ian couldnt be in with me, but we were told she had no problems at birth (Apgar score of 9) and she went straight on to the ward. The physio was very surprised that it wasnt picked up when Isla was checked by the paediatrician before we were discharged from the hospital. I might have to chase this up with the hospital...

It still doesnt seem real, it will hit me when I least expect it I guess.

I am happy though, because other than her little legs not doing exactly what they're meant to, she's a very happy and healthy little girl, and I love her more than the stars in the sky...

I think that's all from us for now...