Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Easter Trail 2006

Aunty Kate, Poppy, Daddy, Mummy & Isla all drove down to Victoria & South Australia for the Sprintcar Easter Trail.

Wet weather cancelled the first night's racing in Lara, so we stayed in Geelong and played cards and laughed all night long.

Next day we drove to Mt Gambier in South Australia - a good night's racing, lots of clay everywhere, which made pushing a pram a HUGE challenge.

Night 3 was in Warrnambool - oh how I love this place. It was absolutely FREEZING but good racing! Poor Isla was so wrapped up in layer after layer. Ian and I spent the night passing her from one another to use her body warmth LOL

We drove home along the Great Ocean Road. Will make another entry and post some pics of that. It was beautiful (again!) and I'm so glad that we took Isla. Can't wait to take her back when she's a bit bigger and can really appreciate it all.