Monday, May 1, 2006

Another Physio update

Monday, May 01, 2006

Another physio update!

We had all of Isla's measurements etc done today, she wasn't too pleased with having everything tugged and stretched so Michael had to estimate as best he could.

Next month will be very busy for us, we have an appointment with the Neurologist, Dr A, as well as a booking in the Botox clinic with Dr L.

We'll wait until she's been assessed by Dr L before considering serial plaster. Michael said that Dr L will see whether or not she will be a suitable candidate for the injections as it's extremely expensive ($450 for 100mL vile and children need anywhere from 1 -3 vials per visit, and not all children respond to it). Dr L will let us know whether to continue with the Thermoplastic splints or whether to move to hinged Ankle Foot Orthotics (AFO's) which is most likely to be the case. Dr L will also advise us on what further treatments, if any, Isla needs. Isla is still too young to have the Botox (Botulinum toxin) she'll have to wait until she is 2 - but given that she's 16 months on Saturday, it's not too long of a wait.

All a little daunting at the moment, but the reassuring thing is that Michael helps run the Clinic at Campbelltown Hospital, so while I swore black and blue that we'd NEVER go back there after the debarcle that was her Opthamologist appointment and CT scan, alas, we have to return, but at least this time there'll be a friendly face. (Isla even let Michael pick her up and play with her today!!)

Isla's pelvic stability is still a bit of an issue, but Michael seems to think it's more of a case of fatigue than lack of strength. We'll still continue on learning to sit properly and we have some new games to play that should help too.

After the clinic and the Neuro appointments, Isla will be scheduled in for an MRI - NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS!!! She'll be under General Anaesthetic, which will be horrible, but it needs to be done.

Her standing and cruising is still going well. Her left foot is turning outwards now so we're going to try removing the right splint and only using the left to help stop the turn. We also have to look out for a trolley/barrow for her to walk behind. Last night and today she's trying to take her hands away to stand without assistance but she's not quite ready yet!!