Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Botox Clinic 2

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Dr L was running late as usual...we didn't get in to see him until 12 and our appointment was for 10.45!

Anyway he's happy with the progress Isla has made since he saw her last time (in June I think) He said that the casting made a real difference so he's not going to go ahead with Botox just yet because Isla responded so well to the casting he's going to wait and see what the AFO Clinic says next Tuesday and try to get her into some AFO's ASAP. He wants them to have a fixed hinge so that she can wear them like her Thermoplastic Splints that Michael made her, but they'll also be able to move freely when she's built her confidence up more.

He was very pleased with her knee walking because he said that she's opening up her hip joint well (most kids with Spastic Diplegia can't do this) so he said it's a good sign (he smiled a lot while she did it!) He thinks she'll do well with the AFO's and will see her again at his next Clinic which isn't until March next year!

He explained that it's better for us to try the AFO before the Botox because she'd need to wear the AFO's once she's had the injections anyway (and will probably need injections in her ankles as well to stop them from rolling) so she'll need to be used to it - and also because it's non-invasive.

So it all went pretty well. Michael and Dr L said to just continue putting her boots on her (will have to get her another pair, these ones are ruined already!) and encouraging her to walk!