Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Tuesday, September 26, 2006


We went to the AFO Clinic today to have Isla assessed for the Orthotics she'll need to wear to help her walk. They look like what Forrest Gump wore when he was a kid but not metal & leather

She'll need one for each leg, and will more than likely have to wear them forever The Orthotist said that he wanted to cast her today and have her in them in 2 weeks time (they take 2 weeks to make!)

So our hospital physiotherapist called the PAPD who we lodged an application for funding with to see whether we could go ahead with having them made. We put in a form for funding back in June but we're still another 3-8 months down the waiting list So the Orthotist gave us the choice of calling them ourselves and pestering them until they put us on top of the list (this could take a month of calling daily), we could simply wait until we received the funding or we could fork out the $$$ ourselves - the actual dollar figure - $1484!!! I nearly fell off my chair! Mum is loaning us the $$$ until we get our bond back and can repay her.

With the PAPD we pay the first $100 and the government pays the rest, I was told they would only cost $500 each - but holy moly! Isla's will have a special locking mechanism so that she can have the hinge locked when she's learning in them then unlocked so that she'll have more movement.

They'll only fit for 12 months and only if she doesn't have a major growth spurt in that time!

So we had them made, they'll be sent to our physio when they're completed so we'll go there (and pay out more hard earned!) to have them fitted properly!

...it never ends!!...