Wednesday, January 17, 2007

An update

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The last three days have been wonderful :)

Isla is progressing SO well, we're all thrilled with how she's doing developmentally.

So many words and sentences now, Dorothy, Kath, Hannah, Michael, Claire are the new favourite words! Isla has gone drawing crazy, and constantly asks for her "papey & draw" for paper & crayons! Too cute!

Isla managed to take 2 unaided steps on Monday and Tuesday night - it was absolutely amazing! Her standing is improving too, she's a lot more balanced than ever, I think it's partly the new shoes - they give her great stability and fit the orthotics perfectly! We're going to look for a basketball hoop for Isla, seems she only wants to stand/walk if there's a ball involved!

Still seeing Michael, our physio, he's very happy with her progress, he's hoping to have her on the treadmill next week! Would have been last week but it wasn't working. We're still going to OT too, but Isla has taken a disliking to Mel and does nothing but cry until she leaves the room - then cracks up! Not sure how much benefit it will be in all honesty. Mel said that it's really for her schooling days so that she has the co-ordination to do up buttons and use scissors etc - so I guess it is important to have that mirroring under control.

Botox Clinic is the 28th of March - very nervous leading up to this, I know she'll benefit a great deal from the injections, it's just having them done that's the hard part, but still there's lots of little ones much worse off than our little poppet, I guess you still have to count your blessings - right?

Nothing much else is happening around here at the moment. Ian is giving up smoking, so he's been going to bed around 8pm! The house is very quiet when the two of them are in dreamland!