Monday, July 30, 2007

Bron, Coops, Deb & William

Isla and I drove to Avoca today to meet up with some gorgeous EB girlfriends who were in town for ABR. It's the 2nd time I've been lucky enough to meet Bron and her gorgeous little boy Cooper (from Melbourne). So great to see you both again. Can't wait til you get back home and back online ;)

It was so wonderful to meet Deb too and her little Man William, who is just the cutest little guy in the world! Deb is so funny, I hope that we're able to meet up again in the near future!

I completely forgot to get a pic with Deb & William, so I will have to hassle Bron to take some and send them to me :) Here we are with Bron & Coops (excuse my 20 chins! I'm the one holding Coops!)

Busy next few days for Isla and I again, off tomorrow to visit big Nana, Aunty Helen and Ashlie - and I'm sure there's something I'm meant to be doing on Wednesday too but I can't remember what!