Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Botox & Neurologist appointments

Hi Everyone!

I've decided to blog here rather than Isla's other website, as it's a bit all over the place.

Today was a very busy one for us, we had to collect some hip x-rays before the Botox Clinic with Dr L at 8.30am. We only had a short wait before we went in to see Dr Lowe, Mel, Michael and 3 med students. Isla was observed without her shoes & AFO's initially where Dr L noted that her hips are affected by the way she W sits. Upon checking her hip xray, her left hip is at 3.0 which is within the normal range, her right hip, however, is at 13.8 which is not normal. We need to keep an eye on it as it is partially dislocating.

Dr L has decided that Isla will definitely require Botulinum Toxin injections this year. His Clinic is booked out until November, but he says she will have it after then. The reason for Isla needing the botox is that she still has quite increased tone in the calves and her hamstrings, which, despite her walking quite well, is putting extra pressure on her little hips.

So, now we wait and see whether Dr L is returning to the Hospital in the next 3 months, otherwise we need to book in to see him in his private rooms to organise for the Botox in late November/December.

We left Campbelltown Hospital and set off for Westmead Childrens Hospital, where we had to see Professor O regarding possible blank seizures.

It took forever to find a parking spot, then a good 15 minutes walking around the hospital only to find we were in the wrong building (despite being given directions from Enquiries). In the end 2 maintenance works had to take us to the right spot with their security passes. Once again we were on the wrong level and couldn't find the right suite.

Once we finally found where we were going, we saw Professor O, who is really lovely. Nowhere near as nutty as the other Neuro's we've seen. He gave Isla a full check, head circumference of 48cms, he's concerned about her weight and height, so we'll have to go back to see Dr F about. Isla was a bit cranky by this stage, and didn't take too kindly to having her shoes and "helpers" taken off again! She walked a little without them, but not too far. He checked her eyes, her reflexes, palette - everything, he was very thorough.

Isla had one of her "turns" while he was examining her, he doesn't think there's anything behind them, rather he thinks she's just "daydreaming" which is good news. He's going to schedule her in for a EEG in the near future, have to wait for his office to call us with a date.

Isla sang and danced for him, she counted to 16 which he was impressed by. He said that her overall cognitive abilities & language skills are well above average, stating that she is very smart.

So all in all not too bad, considering!

Happy birthday to Aunty Helen for today!