Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I'm bringing these over from Isla's old website. Just little things that I'll want to look back over one day and remember just how little she was!

POAS confirmed Pregnancy - Tuesday, 8th June 2004

Felt First Movements - Tuesday, August 17th 2004

Ultrasound showed it's a girl! - Thursday 16th September 2004

First time I heard your heartbeat - Tuesday 28th September 2004 (I will never forget this amazing and wonderful sound)

You were born - Thursday, January 6th 2005 at 4.39pm weighing 2585g, 49cms with a head full of dark hair. Most fulfilling day of my life ever.

Your First Bath - Saturday, January 8th 2005 with Daddy and midwife Jan. You screamed the place down! Your first bath at home with Daddy was on the 11th of January 2005.

You came home from Hospital - Tuesday, January 11th 2005. The hospital filled up overnight and Mummy had to share her private room with a very loud lady! Nanny drove us both home, but not before we got lost in the hospital trying to find the carpark :P

Your first smile - 24th of February 2005

Your first Laugh- On Nanny's 50th birthday, Tuesday March 22nd 2005

First time you slept through the night - Thursday, March 24th 2005. You were 11 weeks old and you slept for 11 hours straight! Mummy thought it was wonderful, even though she continually got out of bed to check on you (and still does ;) )

Your first solid food - Wednesday, July 6th 2005. You had some Farex Rice Cereal but weren't too impresed! You were six months old.

Held your bottle on your own - Sunday, July 10th 2005. Mummy had just gone back to work at this time. Daddy and Uncle Pato must have shown you how to do this!

Cut first tooth - Monday, October 10th 2005. 2 teeth came through together over the October long weekend. Gummy smiles quickly became a thing of the past!

Your first word - was Isla (or I-yah as you say it!) Can't remember exactly when you said it, but I think you were around 8 or 9 months.

You Crawled - Late November 2005. I can't remember the exact date, but I remember it was after your Paediatric Physiotherapy assessment with Michael. I was so proud of you :)

Your first swim - Sunday, December 25th 2005. Christmas Day. You had your first swim with Daddy in Nanny & Poppy's pool.

Pulled yourself up alone - Wednesday, January 4th 2006. 2 Days shy of your first birthday, you surprised Daddy and I by pulling yourself up next to Dadddy for a chat.

Naming Day - Sunday, January 8th 2006. We combined this with your first birthday party. You received lots of presents, and had a lovely day! Your guardians are Aunty Leane and Uncle Graham.

Said Dadda - Thursday, January 26th 2006 - Daddy was SO proud of you that you said Daddy first :P

Said Mumma - Saturday, January 28th 2006

Took steps holding on - Tuesday, February 14th 2006

Walked holding hands - Monday, April 17th 2006. Down in Victoria, at the 12 Apostles of all places! You held Mummy's hands and walked around on the viewing platform!

First independant steps - Tueday, January 30th 2007. You took 6 steps at Michael's office during a physio session!