Sunday, August 12, 2007

If I ran the zoo...

For my 26th (eek!) birthday today, we went to the zoo! It was a perfect Sydney day, clear blue skies, no winter wind - just perfect. I told Ian it'd be a great idea to go because Isla would love it, but truth be told, I was hanging to go back again! And what better way to spend the day, than with the 2 people I love most in this world.

Isla had a ball, as she does wherever we go. Her favourites of the day were the seals - or sea-o's as she calls them! I have some cute footage of her saying hi to a seal, it's down below - excuse my voice though, recovering from another bout of tonsillitis!

Not a lot has changed since I was there when I was about 18, they're building new bits and pieces, so maybe next year we'll go back again - we'll see.