Thursday, November 8, 2007


Still no progress with trying to conceive.

Ian's had his SA, the results aren't back yet. I've had two lots of blood tests so far with more to come. One lot was just to check for deficiencies etc, the second lot were to see if I've ovulated and to check hormone levels.

Still another 2ish weeks until I see the specialist again, although his office called on Tuesday to say that I have no rubella immunity, so I need to be vaccinated again, then wait another 4 weeks to continue TTC, which is odd, last time I had the injection (Isla was 3 days old) I was told not to conceive for 3 months, so I may have to find some more info or just err on the caution and wait the 3 months.

Still have 2 more ultrasounds to go, just waiting for AF to show up before I can be booked in for those.

It's a bit overwhelming. We started actively TTC some 15 months ago and each month gets harder and harder. At times it feels like the whole world is pregnant (which I know isn't the case) and everyone is so keen to offer their advice.

The worst one is "Stop thinking about it and it will happen" it makes me mad. It's also shitting me to hear people's stories changing, "Oh it took us X amount of months to conceive XYZ" when I know that it didn't...I guess for some it's a competition, but it's one I'd like to no longer be a part of.