Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Ho Ho Ho

Isla met Santa this evening. It was the Family Daycare Children's Christmas party, so I decided to take her along. It was chaotic, so many children running everywhere, playing bullrush, wrestling, it was bizarre. Isla danced on top of a table while they sang songs in the hall and gave an almight rendition of "We wish you a Merry Christmas" with plenty of gusto. After that we went outside for another play, and the Paddle Pop lion handed out ice-creams so I had one very happy little girl, who was even happier at Santa's arrival in the meantime! And to top it off, he gave her a packet of twisties, her all time favourite!

We met another Mum and little boy with Cerebral Palsy, he had Spastic Quadriplegia and was completely adorable. He had the most unreal AFO's, blue with rockets on them!

I'm glad I decided to go. Often I would simply ignore an invitation, but thought that it would be important to Isla, so we went. Sometimes it's confronting to see all the other kids around Isla's age running around and playing with each other while she struggles to walk without falling over. Initially I felt like bursting into tears just watching her. She walked around the grass while kids tore by her either side and were running and jumping around...and it didn't bother her. She was so happy just walking around, taking it all in. She's such an amazing little creature. She insisted on sitting "like a big girl" with her legs stretched out in front of her, and propping herself up against me for stability - I'm sure it was because all the other kids were sitting like that.

We had a few tears when we left, Isla wanted to back outside and play with the kids, but it was starting to sprinkle, so I dediced it was time to leave, we'd been there almost 2 hours anyway, she sobbed most of the way home.

Happy 2nd Birthday to Princess Andie!