Monday, December 3, 2007

Terrible Two's...continued

Isla's behaviour is getting a little better...we're still privy to the tantrums though, not as frequent, but still present.

Has me wondering why. Is it simply the terrible twos? Sensory overload - too many things going on at once? Too many choices? Growing pains? Testing the boundaries? Growth Spurt?

I think it's a combination of all of the above. I've limited the choices and she seems to be responding better. No more "What do you want for breakfast?" open ended questions. Limiting her to 2 choices seems to be plenty. Speaking of food, her eating is improving, so perhaps a growth spurt? Her shoes are getting too small and she's been complaining of sore toes and legs which leads me to the Growing Pains conclusion.

Isla's sleeping has improved out of sight, and could potentially be linked to the decrease in hissy fits and the weight gain. I remember Michael once said that her weight would improve once her sleeping was sorted out. She'll happily go to bed on her own now, and with no day sleeps she's managing 12-14 hours of sleep a night :) Sleep time used to be such a battle for us, often she'd drop off on the lounge or giving us a cuddle, but it was all getting too much for all of us.

Isla has a new friend, "Dolly" - a gift from my Mum when Isla was about 7 weeks old. Dolly has sat on the shelves in the toy room for nearly 3 years and has finally won a place in Isla's heart. Dolly goes everywhere with us now, gets tucked into bed and is a little shadow of my little shadow!