Saturday, December 1, 2007

Well that was scary

Had a busy day today. Went to the shopping centre to finalise Xmas presents, bought two then had to come home to go Fridge shopping with my Mum.

We went to 2 places and ended up getting a really good deal at the 2nd place we went to, and they're going to store it there at the shop until we pick it up the morning that Mum moves into her new home. Isla would have been with us, but she was asleep when Mum arrived at our place and Ian told us to leave her there instead of waking her up to go in the car.

After we'd finished fridge shopping we intended on going home and picking up Isla and choofing off to Ikea, but again Ian said to leave her at home because she was quite happy playing with him. So we did. We headed off for a 'quick' trip and ended up staying for hours! Mum picked up the chair and a tv stand that she was after and I bought a few Xmas presents along the way. Once we'd finished we went to grab something to eat because we'd shopped through lunch. I went up to the car to load all the crap in it that we'd bought while Mum went back down to the shop because they hadn't given her the right meal.

So, I'm loading the car, very hungry for my lunch (it was almost 6pm at this stage) when all this blood started pouring down my throat! I was freaking out! So much blood, mouthful after mouthful, just constant dribble down my throat! Mum was cool as a cucumber and after several failed attempts we made it to the Emergency department of nearby Concord Hospital. Mum was very brave - she's hideously afraid of hospitals, so the fact that she came in and sat in the triage area of the ED was pretty amazing! I thought she'd stay in the car for sure!

Fortunately for me, I fear I am not much braver than my Mum, the place was empty. I only saw 1 person in a bed and another one on a trolley, so I was seen to after not even 5 minutes of waiting after being triaged. The Dr I saw confirmed that it was a blood clot from my tonsillectomy that had dislodged and was now sitting in my throat waiting to be swallowed - yuck! He said the bleeding was normal when they come away and that there was another one in my throat waiting to do the same thing! Should it happen again I need to put Ice on my throat as it constricts the ventricles of the blood vessels and to go to the hospital if the bleeding lasts more than 20 minutes.

Such a freak out! So glad that Mum was with me, and that Isla was at home, I don't know that I would have coped if it happened to me on my own!