Thursday, March 6, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

These past few weeks I haven't stopped, it's been go go go around here!

We had Ian's cousin's wedding 2 weekends ago, Allison's 30th last weekend, a 40th this weekend, plans with friends the following weekend, then Easter and Ian's Mum's bday the weekend after that, then we move house the weekend after that. Add in the physio, OT and Botox Clinics, the extra shifts at work, a quick trip to Terrigal, Isla starting a new Kindy - argh! We should manage some time to ourselves somewhere around April!

Isla has been wonderful with all the goings-on, even had her first sleep over ever at Nana's place (my Mum's) the night we went to the wedding. Much harder for me than it was for her, even though I've spent nights away from her she's always been with Ian, so it was a big step for us to have her sleeping away from the two of us. From all reports the two had a great time, and Mum is still exhausted!

We spoke to Isla's OT, Mel, last week who said that she expected Isla to come out of the assessment a few months behind, but, amazingly, is in the normal range. I am so excited, it's probably the first time Isla's had an assessment and the word "normal" has been used!

Last night (wednesday) Ian, Isla and I went to Terrigal to catch up with Bron, Andrew and Cooper while they were in town for Coops' ABR. I can't get over how improved Coops is now, his posture, his vocabulary, his stability, it's nothing short of amazing! And, he's crawling around, such a beautiful sight! Bron looked beautiful, sporting a gorgeous little bump *wub* Here's a pic of Gorgeous Cooper!

Allison's 80's inspired 30th was a crack up, I have a tonne of pics, none of me, I really should have got one with Allison in her feral pink legwarmers...there may be one floating around somewhere.