Monday, March 10, 2008

"The water was YELLOW!"

This was the message Isla had for the family this morning, after her first successful wee in the toilet :D

I know she's 3 and it's late to be toilet training, but Isla's issues with balance have really hindered us in the past, plus the incident with FDC had scared her off the poor little lady.

So, we're in undies, not knickers Mummy, thank-you very much. And Dora ones at that. I always swore that I'd never dress my child in licensed clothing, and now she's sporting not only Dora undies, but shoes too. How shameful.

Botox Clinic on Wednesday (if they managed to find the numbers to fill the day) then Mel's coming over to have a look and see whether we need any equipment in the bathroom for Isla...

Isla's booked in for the 1st of May for Botox, and I'm in two minds about it all. On one hand, it could release the spastic muscles and only help her gait improve more. On the other hand, it may not work at all, and I really struggle with the idea of putting her into hospital and injecting her, the possibility of her needing to go back into plasters, and lose the strength in her legs. It's all too much. I know Michael, Dr L & Dr F wouldn't suggest it to us if they didn't think it was going to be beneficial, and I know that they have great expertise in this area, but at the moment, my heart is in charge and I feel like just bundling her up in my arms and running far, far away from everything medical.

The Spastic Centre have been calling, they want to have Isla back in the older group this year, and I have no idea what to do. In the group she used to be in, she was the most advanced (I can't remember if she was actually walking at the stage) so we received the least amount of "attention" from the therapists, and Isla doesn't particularly like the group sessions either...Decisions, decisions.