Friday, August 8, 2008

New Helpers

I picked these up yesterday while Isla was at Kindy. I can't believe how big they are, my little girl isn't so little anymore!

We have a physio appointment on Wednesday to see how Isla is settling in with the new orthotics. She chose a big pair of skater shoes to wear with them last night, complete with skull and crossbones!

Her stuttering seems to be easing off a little (thankfully) but occasionally she gets a bit caught up. Still need to speak to Speechie about it.

Little Miss is still very excited about her "baby sister", and is insisting she's going to be called "Arina" as in ballerina! We picked up the new baby carseat this week, and I put some gorgeous peacock themed linen on layby for her too. Now all we need is to wait 16 weeks, and to put the cot together and we're set! How exciting!