Wednesday, September 17, 2008

We have plasters

...and they're trashed already!

Isla was fitted with her plasters yesterday, she was so very brave. She only cried at the end once they were finished because she thought she wouldn't be able to walk in them, but Michael the physio told her she'd be able to run in them, and she was happy after that.

They haven't held her back in anything so far. She hasn't complained of any pain or discomfort yet either *touch wood*. She goes to pre-school tomorrow which will be interesting, I hope that they really keep an eye on her and make sure that she stays well away from the sand pit, I couldn't imagine anything worse than having plasters full of sand :S

Very proud of her, she takes it all in her stride, such a little trooper. We came home and decorated them with texta love hearts, that have all smooshed and now look like purple splodges, but she's happy with them! Michael put a non-slip piece on the bottom, which is hanging on by a thread and the part around the toes is starting to wear away too, mainly because she's so tight in her legs she just can't get her heels down :(

In other news, our little Chihuahua ran away - again - courtesy of Ian leaving our side gate open. Anyway, he was handed in to the local vets today, same story as last time, he'd been staying with a family who wanted to keep him and decided to take him to the vets to have his back leg checked. He's home now, safe and sound, snuggled up with Ian.