Monday, September 29, 2008

More plasters

I missed going with Isla for her 2nd round of plastering because I was sick with gastro - Mum and Ian went instead. All reports came back that Michael is extremely pleased with the progress Isla made after one week of casting, and he casted her again.

We took them off yesterday, it was particularly hot and we went to Ian's parents place for a bbq and we thought Isla would like to go for a swim in the paddling pool with her cousins, so we took them off a day earlier than we originally planned.

I only heard one little whimper from Isla this time in regards to her plasters - she was sleeping in our bed (she's getting tangled in her sheets with the plasters and can't move about without getting stuck) and I was asleep on the lounge - anyway, she woke up and said "Oh Daddy, my legs are hurting really badly" then rolled over and went back to sleep.

The best part of the latest round of plasters is that Isla is getting heel strikes! She actually wore away a patch of plaster on the heels of both plasters - which is brilliant news - means the plasters are doing exactly what they're meant to!

I have a photo of the heel strike marks, will upload them shortly.