Friday, October 10, 2008

Plasters and more

I've been slack with blogging this week, I forgot to update on Isla's last round of plasters. The last lot were not so successful, they only lasted 2 days before we had to take them off.

It was quite hot last Thursday and Isla had been running around like a headless chicken at pre-school all day. When she came home she said her foot was sore but still went to bed for a few hours before waking up, hysterical from the pain.

The poor little thing, she kept shaking her leg and couldn't talk properly because she was so sore. I filled up the laundry tub and ripped the plaster off as fast as I could, as soon as the right one was off she calmed down and almost fell asleep sitting up while I took the left one off.

There was a massive red welt on the join of the foot and even today, more than a week after taking it off, the marks are still there (although starting to fade).

Botox Clinic is at the end of the month so we'll know what's going to happen from there. Michael still thinks she'll be a good candidate for Botox, probably not until next year. She's off for an Xray tomorrow on her hips, this past week she's started to swing her right hip more and is turning her right foot in, so we want to get that sorted asap.

She's been so funny lately, and loves "role playing". Yesterday she insisted she was Belle from Disney's "Beauty and The Beast" (to the point where she had to wear yellow to Kindy for photo's because Belle's dress is yellow). Today she's been Harmony from The Fairies, although she's alternated it with another Fairy from the same show, Rhapsody. All good and well, I'm happy for her to pretend to be a fairy or a princess, but it's a bit hard when she'll only respond to the character's name. She made her teachers at Kindy call her Belle yesterday. I hope it's a fad...although I must admit, I'd rather call her Belle than Barbie, which was what she was hooked on last week.