Sunday, February 15, 2009


Isla was so excited on Saturday to be going to her first dancing lesson! The teacher told us she had to wear shorts and a shirt, and she was very upset that it was cold and raining and I made her wear trackies!

We got there at 11am, the teacher said that they do 45 minutes of dancing all up, 15 minutes of ballet, 15 of jazz and then finish with 15 of tap, but suggested that Isla may have to sit out the tap as it might be a bit difficult for her.

Anyway, when we walked in the hall, the teacher told us that we were late! The other teacher gave us the wrong time, it actually started at 10.30 so we missed the dancing that Isla could do. They told us to sit on the stage and watch the tap, and that upset Isla so much, she didn't understand why she couldn't dance, so I told her to stand up and do what the teachers told the girls to do.

She tried really hard, but couldn't quite get the heel down thing that they were doing, but I can see that it will be a very good thing for my little toe-walker! She spent all day yesterday walking around going over the entire lesson!

I have to go and buy her uniform this week, I can't wait! She's going to look beautiful!

Swimming lessons start tomorrow, I've asked Mum to go in the pool with her, I can't find my cosie. She's freaking out already about going under the water, so I'll tell her teacher about that when we meet tomorrow.

We're so busy these days now, Monday is swimming, Tuesday is physio, Wednesday & Thursday are kindy, and Friday is OT and Saturday is dancing!! At least OT & Physio aren't weekly!

Will update tomorrow with how Missy went in the pool!


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you were told the wrong time, that would have been very dissapointing!

Glad Isla is such a keen dancer and I am sure she will make a gorgeous one!

Ally...I want to see some photos!

Good luck with her swimming tomorrow.

Big brother, Little sister. said...

wow Isla what a social butterfly!
can't wait to see your pics! i am sure you will be just beautiful both inside and out for dancing.