Monday, February 9, 2009

Making calls...

I've been a busy bee today so far, calling around for places for Isla doing various activities. I'm trying to find a dance class for her, she loves to dance so much, but it's so sad when you see how bad her co-ordination and balance is. I'm applying to different dance schools around the place and I hope that they accept her.

I've also found a swim school for her. Isla has never had swimming lessons before, but has paddled in a pool and dafter a very scary incident on NYD 2008 I've been meaning to put her into lessons, but then I fell pregnant and everything took a bit of a back seat. The swim schools I've spoken to have suggested that Isla may be able to go into a "normal" class, so we'll wait and see what happens.

I've also put us back on the waiting list for the Spastic Centre. Time for me to access everything available for Isla in order to get her ready for school and just to get a 2nd opinion on how she's going. I will continue to see Michael, who we adore, but I just want to see what other services/therapy groups are available to us. On that note, I might also see what the CP Clinic at the hospital has to offer.

I received a call from Isla's OT over the weekend too, and I'm trying to rebook an appointment with her too. We haven't seen Mel since around April or May of last year, which I am ashamed to admit, is WAY too long. I think Mel will be thrilled with the progress Isla has made in that time though :)

We see Michael again tomorrow to have this lot of plaster removed. Isla can't wait, and neither can I, I am so looking forward to seeing how much her range of movement has improved this week (last week's efforts were fantastic!). Hopefully she'll be just as good with the plaster saw this week as she was last week!


Anonymous said...

I can just imagine how much Isla would enjoy dancing and swimming lessons.

Hope it all goes well with the plasters coming off again tomorrow.