Thursday, May 28, 2009

Appointments galore.

I received a call from the Spastic Centre on Friday saying that they're picking up Isla for OT and physiotherapy! YAY!

I love pur physio, but I also want her to have a second opinion, from people who deal with CP daily.

She said they didn't have any appointments until July, yet she sent me an appointment card with a booking for Monday. Seems some wires have been crossed, I must remember to call and confirm exactly what's going on.

Spoke to her physio today, he called to change the time of one of her appointments for serial casting after the botox. We rescheduled a heap of appointments so Dr L can see the effects of the botox before we do casting.

He asked how I was finding her since the Botox, and I can definitely notice a difference in how easy it is to get her AFO's on now. He said that's a very good sign. We went away to the beach these past few days and Isla was making COMPLETE foot prints in the sand, so she's getting heel strikes, which Michael said was very good too.

I spoke to him about the new brace. He is pleased she's getting it. He said she'll wear it at night and during the day if she's going to do loads of walking. He said the aim of the brace is to stop her leg turning in, and he thinks it will be very beneficial for her. Time will tell!

She's booked in for a Multidisc screening that I had difficulties booking (see here!) in 2 weeks time. I have a massive questionnaire to complete in the mean time.

Loads of stuff happening these next few weeks, I hope I can keep on top of it all.

Oh, and I should add, remember my last post I talked about how relieved I was that Isla couldn't recall anything about the Botox process? Well, seems it just took a while to come back to her. Little Isla remembers EVERYTHING, the needle, the sedation drops, the cling wrap, the jelly. EVERYTHING. :(


Anonymous said...

Great news on the appointments front! I hope you get a great team to work with Isla.

But bad news on Isla remembering everything about the horror day. I hope she's not too sad thinking about it?


Belinda said...

Great about appointments!

Glad you can notice improvements from botox. Not glad Isla remembers!