Monday, June 15, 2009

The Assessment...

Isla did really really well.

Dr B said that there's absolutely no reason why Isla shouldn't go to kindy next year. Hooray!

The assessment had to go as long as Isla could keep answering questions correctly. Dr B said that in our area, he'd never had a child as young as Isla get so far through the test. There were pieces from the test kit that he had never used before, because no one had reached that far :)

So, we'll get a copy of the report when it's ready, so will the DET and we'll set about finding a school for Isla.

Very exciting.


carly_grace said...

Exciting stuff!

Anonymous said...

Exciting yet daunting!

Glad to hear her assessment went well!

Anonymous said...

Great stuff from your clever little chickadee ;-).

Glad it all went so well.

Big brother, Little sister. said...

well done girls! how special for Isla to be starting school next year! Ally, you won;t know what to do with yourself!

Belinda said...

Glad it went well! Really well!