Thursday, June 18, 2009

New Orthotics.

We went and saw Dr L in his rooms on Tuesday, for review following the botox. He's really pleased with her progress although he still notes some increased tone in her right hamstrings. He said we will have to have 3 weeks of serial casts (starting next week) to maximise the effect of the botox, something that Michael (physio) was hoping we'd be able to avoid.
We see Dr L again in August, we'll see what happens from there.
He asked how she was following the procedure, whether she had any problems waking up, which she did. We told him how she wasn't discharged until late then slept until 2.30am. He asked how she was the following day, and she was a delight, in fact, she was probably the happiest and calmest she's ever bee, - which leads Dr L to believe that perhaps she's not getting enough sleep.
I mentioned this in that massive questionairre that I did last week for Isla's Mulitdisc screening with Dr B. Dr L has advised me to contact Dr F, the paediatrician, and get a referral to see some other Dr who runs the sleep clinic.

After the appointment with Dr L, we head down the road to the Prince Of Wales Hospital to collect Isla's new orthotics. We get there, and Isla LOVES the purple butterfly design I picked for her *phew*. The Orthotist still needed to cut them down etc so we go back tomorrow to collect them, but we did bring home the above-pictured wrap around braces.
She has to wear them all night long. First night was okay, she lasted all night and we took them off at 5am so she could have a few hours sleep in comfort - but she had other ideas and decided that it was a great time to be up for the day.
Last night wasn't so good she just couldn't get comfortable. Poor little thing. Ian brought her into our bed and I ended up taking them off her again. She can't walk in them, and they have to be taken off if she needs to go to the bathroom. They're made from canvas with 3 metal rods inside.


PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

Gorgeous girl - what a glorious smile. Fingers crossed for you!

Belinda said...

Isla's smile is amazing! Can't imagine the wrap around braces would be comfortable! She's a little champ though! Purple butterfly patterns sounds great! Glad she likes them.

Good luck for the serial casts! xx.

Amanda Lonsdale said...

Oh, isn't she gorgeous! And her little ballerina looks so loved <3

x Amanda

Alison said...

Isla is looking gorgeous as usual. How is the sleeping going??? I hope you have all gotten used to them.

J said...

Hope she adapts to her braces soon! Look at that fabulous smile!She is so beautiful!