Friday, February 5, 2010

A whole new world.

Isla started school on Wednesday.

She'd been up since 6am...made me put her hair in long plaits last night so it's ready for the big day.

It was pouring! Absolutely bucketing down with rain. We had grand plans of walking to school and cutting through the park, but it was far too wet!

She was super excited, mainly at the prospect of TWO lunches {recess and lunch!} and playing in the playground was top of her list of priorities, but with the heavens opening the way they did, they were relegated to the benches under cover. To think how damn hot it has been in Sydney these past few weeks, and since Isla started school it's done nothing but rain, rain, rain.

Uniforms were hemmed and ironed with love, I slipped $2 in her pocket for a treat from the canteen. Her lunch box was full of goodies, we'd been practicing opening and eating from it for a few days before. Everything is labelled with her name.
She's was so excited.

When it came time for her to leave me and Harper and join her class she didn't cry at all.

We were sitting in the hall and she was saying "I'm so excited!". I told her about the money in her pocket and she almost wet her pants with glee! She's in group "Green" this week for the testing and we find out who her teacher is and what class she goes into on Monday morning.

They asked all the children to line up to walk to class and she ran off without saying goodbye and forgot her school bag, she was in so much of a hurry. I walked her to the end of the line and then she was gone!

A school girl.

I met up with her outside the classroom where the Kindy teacher said we could give them a final kiss and cuddle. She was standing in line waiting to go into class, she had already forgotten about us and was ready for school. She gave me a big kiss and cuddle then walked in proudly to her classroom.

My MIL and I watched through the window until the Principal told us to leave {the nerve!} but Isla didn't look back once. When we they were sitting on the floor reading a story, Isla was sitting on a chair, just smiling.

I'm so proud of her. I miss her so much during the day. The house seems so empty. Harper searches for her constantly.

I think this is my favourite photo so far. You can see her in the doorway. She's just spotted us. Look at that beautiful expression, mouth wide open with excitement. Bless.

Thursday was a bit of a crapper of a day though. I called the Principal to see whether Isla qualified for funding {which we were told she would} and I was told she'd receive 3 hours a week. That's it. 3 crummy hours a week.

When I picked her up that afternoon she said nobody wanted to play with her at recess and lunch. She said that she ate her lunch by herself. She said that the other kids didn't want to play with her because she got to sit on a chair during group time.

My poor little girl.

So, I spent the remainder of Thursday in tears. So did Ian.

We took her to school this morning and she was a bit clingy. She was a bit upset, but I couldn't really blame her. I told her to go sit on the floor with the other kids instead of the chair. She smiled a smile like a cheshire cat, and ran off to sit with the kids. I watched her try desperately to sit cross-legged, but couldn't.quite.get.there.

Ian called the Principal and told her we didn't care if she W sits on the carpet, we're more interested in her being included. She agreed that was a good idea. He told her we're unhappy with the funding. She agreed that they'd try to push for more and will sort out the paperwork for us. We asked if her new little friend would be in her class as of Monday, she's going to see what she can do.

When we picked her up today, she was brought out by her aide {who's name I've already forgotten, but I want to say it's Gail, so that's what I'm going to call her}. We had a quick chat with her. She said Isla played on her own for a while at lunch while Gail observed, then Gail went over and talked to her and children followed. There were several kids playing with her by the end of lunch. Same thing for recess {recess comes after lunch at this school!}. We talked about inclusion, we talked about extra funding. She listened, she offered advice, she understands. She said she's already fallen in love with Isla and that she's a wonderful little girl.

I couldn't agree more



Alison said...

Oh Ally - she is so gorgeous in her uniform. I really hope you get access to more funding and aide time.

We have already had a few 'she said she doesn't want to be my friend' tales too - I can't believe how quickly it starts - day 2 of kindy!!

I know what you mean about the rain - we have got drenched every day.

I hope Isla has a great second week and that she gets to stay with her friend.

Anonymous said...

I agree, she looks gorgeous as always!

Sorry to hear about Isla being excluded from the other kids, the other kids are losing out cos if they spent just 5 minutes getting to know Isla, they would love her!

As for the funding and the lack of it, you know how I feel about that...disgusted! Really hope the school can apply for more funding, and funding that she deserves!


Anonymous said...

What a rollercoaster start to the year. I would be in tears too, but I am sure it will get better - in fact, it sounds like it already has. Yay for the great aide and also for them trying to access more funding. I'd be just a tad annoyed that they've waited until she's started before realising they should get more funding (seems pretty obvious to me that any school would benefit from accessing maximum funding from day one!).

I hope she has a great week this week. And you too!! How are you enjoying time alone with miss Harper??? And is she missing her big sis?


Rachael said...

Hi Ally

I just wanted to say hello - your blog has been a monumental help to me (I only discovered it today). We have a 14 month old boy who has been (unofficially) diagonosed with CP Diplegia, and seems to be very similar to Isla.

She is absolutly gorgeous, and your blog has given me a great hope for the future that Darcy too will be able to go to school and walk like all children should.

It's also the first blog I have been able to get my partner to read. So thank you.

I may even start a blog of my own to remind us of the trials and celebrations that are no doubt ahead.

Rachael. xo

Elisa said...

Glad that the days are getting better for her xo