Saturday, March 27, 2010


It's been so long since I've updated Isla's blog.

She's doing so well at school. I have a parent-teacher interview on Tuesday to get the low down on how her days go at school, but all reports thus far have been really positive. Thursday we have our first Easter Hat parade, she is super excited, although keeps on shooting down my ideas on hat designs *sigh*. She's able to sit on the floor with her legs crossed after I found her some pretty awesome cushions a few weeks back. She was terribly upset that people didn't want to play with her at school because she got to sit on a chair during group time. Now, the other kids are allowed to take it in turns of sitting on a cushion with her, and it's made a heap of difference.

She's had a few OT appointments lately, all going really well. Mel the OT seems to be quite happy with her progress, and hopefully she'll be picked up through the local hospital's OT intake sometime very soon. We've been given some finger stretching exercises for her to complete, as she's having a bit of trouble holding pencils, but otherwise, it's all hunky dory.

Physio's been going really well. Still not in Orthotics, and couldn't get an appointment until May to be casted {add another 6+ weeks to that to have the AFO's made}. We saw Dr L this week who wants her in AFO's right away, so we were going to have to have them made privately, which would have cost $1500 {ouch!}, but the Orthotics Gods were smiling on me, because 2 days later the Children's Hospital called with an appointment in 2 weeks time due to cancellations. Hooray!

Spoke to Dr L about the future surgeries Isla's looking at, he described them as multi-level surgeries {what that means I don't quite know and I'm too scared to ask Dr Google!} she'll require them to her feet, her knees and her hips. I asked when this will take place, he said when she's 11 :(

We need to organise a kidney ultrasound for her to make sure her kidneys are draining properly. This needs to be done before the next round of Botox in June, just to find out what caused the bladder & bowel issues that Isla's had since November's Botox treatment. So, we're going to see our Paediatrician, Dr F to get it all sorted and to get our yearly checkup.

I'm sure I have more to update on, but my mind is a bit of a blur right now!


Belinda said...

So glad school is going so well!

Love her picture, and hope checkups, etc: go well! xx.

Ratz said...


Just found this blog and i am happy that i found it. Hi dearest Isla... I am happy to see her pics and thankyou you guys for teaching me such imp. things and i am really glad that things at school are going so well... Loved her pic... such beautiful eyes....

Loads of love to Isla...

Jo said...

I'm so glad to hear that Isla is doing well in school! What a clever little girl. It sounds as if the cushion is earning her some popularity.
As for the surgery, were they talking about an osteotomy? We know a few kiddos who have had it, and one doctor mentioned that Monkey might need one when he's older. Monkey is scheduled to have a selective dorsal rhizotomy (surgery on his spine to permanently reduce spasticity in his leg) this summer, and the hope is that doing so will eliminate the need for any other surgeries in the future and even eliminate the need for his brace - something I can't even imagine at this stage!
Anyway, it sounds like your little girl is doing great. Keep shining, Isla!

Anonymous said...

Glad Isla is settling into school.

Hope all your upcoming appointments go well.