Wednesday, February 7, 2007


Wednesday, February 07, 2007

So we visited a new GP on Saturday, as we still haven't heard from the Neuro regarding the MRI results. The GP confirmed that it does definitely sound like blank seizures, and has given us a non-specific referral to Westmead Children's Hospital for whatever Neuro can see us the fastest so Isla can have an EEG which will measure the volts/electrical activity within her brain (or something equally as interesting) Sounds like lots of fun!

Botox Clinic has changed to the 21st of March now, although Michael isn't sure whether they'll go ahead with the injections or wait and see. She's progressing really well with the help of the AFO's so I think they may be reluctant to change anything at the moment. I'm very pleased with this attitude, the less invasive the better I say!

We had OT today, and again another comment about how "Michael wouldn't like to see you sitting like that Isla" Argh! It's either W sit or lay on the floor...take your pick! Isla was an angel for Mel today though - we did lots of activities and Mel was blown away by how well she's speaking.

I was under the impression that we were seeing the Speechie today too, but that's not for another 2 weeks. Kate will be stoked! I sat down the other night (thinking we had Speech Pathology as well as OT) and wrote out a list of all the words & phrases Isla can say = we're up to 247 :D BUT since then (Sunday) I've remembered a whole lot more that she can say so I'd estimate we're closer to 260+ :D :D I would like Kate to continually review Isla though. I'm not sure whether her vocabulary is on track/behind/advanced. I do know though, that her pronunciation is a lot better than a lot of children of similar age or slightly older which is wonderful.

We're reading a lot of stories at the moment, we read the Tale of Jemima Puddleduck, which was an Easter gift from last year from gorgeous Aunty Jess. We also read some Donald Duck book in the waiting room at the Paediatric Allied Health Unit...It's really making a difference with her, she's identifying so many different things now! I hope I'm never ever too busy to sit down and read to my little girl.

2 years old is a gorgeous age, Isla is such a wonderful companion, so happy, so free spirited - but becoming more headstrong (must be Ian's genes coming through! LOL) No's are becoming more adamant, but I think she's just testing the waters a little...time will tell...

Much love to everyone!

A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Master Coops! Hope you had a wonderful day!